Picture of OXO Cocktail Shaker

OXO Cocktail Shaker


Brushed stainless steel inside and out gives this cocktail shaker a sleek, modern look. Double-walled construction means less condensation, keeping hands from slipping while shaking up favorite drinks. A soft-grip outer cover on the jigger (which doubles as a lid) allows it to be held securely while adding liquid to any of three measurement markings: 1-1/2, 1, and 3/4 ounces. A built-in strainer prevents unwanted ice from falling into glasses. The shaker measures 9 by 3-1/2 inches and complements other stainless-steel accessories in OXO’s barware collection. OXO backs all its products with a satisfaction warranty, and will replace or refund any returned item.

SKU 1058018