Bering’s Bridal Feature – Nicole & Taylor

Bride & Groom – Nicole Artieschoufsky & Taylor McCay

BFF – three simple letters that capture a very special relationship. Do you remember your childhood best friend? For many of us, a best friend has spent long days and nights giggling with us, exchanging notes in class, and dreaming of the day that we would find
our Mr. Right. Little did we know in childhood that Mr. Right is literally the ultimate BFF; he is a partner and best friend forever!

Nicole “Niki” and Taylor ran into one another a couple of times, and eventually a friendship was formed. …And talk about convenient- the two met because they lived in the same apartment complex! I’d say it is definitely meant to be. 🙂 After a year in the “friend-zone”, and tons of Rocket’s games, Niki and Taylor began dating.

Over the next two years the pair grew closer and closer. Taylor said he knew she was the one all along, but really honed in on “forever” this past holiday season. The two spent Christmas with both of their families, and experienced true family fun! “We knew it was
time,” said Taylor- with Niki nodding in agreement.

A few months later, Taylor picked Niki up for dinner, but told her he left something on at his house- so he needed to run back by to turn it off. When they pulled up, Taylor “casually” suggested Niki should come in too. She walked in to perfectly placed tea light
candles displayed to read, “Will U Marry Me?” (I know, I know, does it get any better than this?!)

While still in a state of aww, Taylor kneeled down on one knee and asked Niki to marry him!! She said yes! Ladies, this is not a Hollywood story- it really did happen.

The soon to be Mr. & Mrs. will be married November 12th, at Pleasant Green United Methodist Church in Durham, North Carolina. The location holds a special place for them since it is where Taylor grew up. Adding to the excitement, Taylor’s grandfather is the priest marrying them!

When I asked the couple why they chose to register at Bering’s, Taylor had the perfect sound bite, “Bering’s covers all aspects of our lives.” If you are new to Bering’s this quote might seem a bit interesting. However, Bering’s truly does carry it all- from stationery, to lawn & garden, to hardware, to paint, to Baccarat and the list goes on!

Now that we’ve “met” the adorable couple, let’s take a peek at their amazing place setting and other fun items on their Bering’s registry!

The two started their wedding registry with Bering’s Bridal Specialists, Julia and Adams. The couple was drawn to the classic edginess of Juliska’s Berry & Thread place setting. You cannot go wrong with an amazing white place setting. The endless ways of mixing and matching it with colored placemats, accent plates and accoutrements are so much fun!

Barware: The couple selected some amazing barware by Saint Tropez and Reed & Barton.…I’ve already invited myself over to cheers with these spectacular pieces!

Housewares: Here are just a couple of their many great selections!

Nordic Ware Fleur De Lis Bundt Pan:

KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer:

The two also had fun selecting some grilling accessories!

(Niki, those gloves look a little too big for you!)

Once the two wrapped up their registry items, it was time to start picking out their napkins for the rehearsal dinner and WEDDING!!

Bering’s stationer, Mary, met with the couple to review their many options. Fun was had by all as they perused the range of choices.

And don’t you love their wedding album by Ivy Lane Designs?! …I wonder if this wedding blog will find its way into the album (not so subtle hint)… 🙂

To view Niki & Taylor’s wedding registry online click on the link below.

Niki and Taylor are such a lovely couple! Julia, Adams, Mary and I had a great time with the two and look forward to hearing about the fun family gatherings, parties and get-togethers to come!

Until the next Bering’s BRIDAL Buzz!

Wedding fun,


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