Bering’s Bridal Feature – Molly & Chris

Bering’s Bride & Groom – Ms. Molly Mulvaney & Mr. Chris Williams

Molly2November 23, 2013 will be a special date to remember, it is Bering’s Hardware’s very own employee, Molly Mulvaney’s wedding date! She and her fiancé Chris Williams will officially become Mr. & Mrs. Williams! While their wedding details are exciting to share, we are equally excited about sharing the couple’s sweet story! To think it all started in what sounds like the sweetest place ever “Sugar Land” and was reignited at an engagement party years later.


Yes, that is right; you read that correctly – love was in the air when the two met. An engagement party is a pretty “cupid-esque” environment. Molly and Chris met at a mutual friend’s engagement party. She was a bridesmaid and he was a groomsman. The party was in Austin, so of course they went out afterward to continue the celebration! The two eventually met up at a bar and danced the night away! (If only every great love story seemed so fun and naturally effortless!) While their second encounter was more or less an instant hit, the two actually went to high school together in Sugar Land. However, Chris was a whole two grades older than Molly, so they didn’t really know each other yet. Actually, Molly admitted she knew who Chris was, but attributes it to her being a “creepy” freshman! Ha, you have to admire her honesty!!! 🙂

After dating for some time, the two decided to get away for a long weekend at Chris’ parent’s beach house in Rockport. It was just the two of them, but another couple, who is friends with Chris’ parents, invited them on their boat to go canal cruising. The four of them eventually anchored to watch the sunset and relax. While looking at the sunset Chris got down on one knee while Molly’s back was turned. When she turned around he asked her to marry him! So romantic!!! …Good job, Chris!


The two are in for a special treat, Chris’ uncle will officiate the ceremony at Houston’s very own Parador. It is sure to be absolutely lovely with shades of coral, apricot and pink. Molly added that there might be a smidge of lavender too! …Sounds divine!

If their sweet story and wedding details aren’t exciting enough, then hold your breath we are about to dish about their Bering’s Hardware bridal registry!!! In spite of the fact Molly works at Bering’s, she stressed that she REALLY does believe that Bering’s goes above and beyond any store in Houston as far as customer service goes (Naturally, we agree!). As a Bering’s employee who specializes in all things gift shop and bridal, Molly is used to assisting other brides and grooms with their tough, but fun registry decisions. Molly added that, “I’ve learned that we really only say no to something or someone when it’s absolutely necessary.” Adding, “My wedding guests will love shopping at Bering’s and will ultimately feel really great about their purchases.” Thanks for registering with us, Molly and Chris! Employee or not, we know you two have many options and appreciate it!

Now please excuse a slight intermission before we share their registry selection, we would be remised not to include their ‘oh so’ exciting stationery selection. Yes, the save-the-dates, wedding invitations and thank you cards!! These all set the stage, both pre and post wedding for what the guests have in-store, as well as take-away. Stationery also reflects the unique personality of the couple.

When I asked Molly about her wedding invitations, and if she would be having Bering’s do her stationery, she enthusiastically replied, “Yes and yes!” She then went on to confess, “If anyone shops at Bering’s early in the morning, when we first open the doors, they’ve probably seen me flipping through numerous stationery books. I LOVE the vendors that the stationery department carries. The quality is second to none. I’ve also learned that if you look thoroughly, there’s something beautiful for everyone as far as invitations go. There’s lots of little ways to tweak an invitation that might otherwise be a little over budget, and make it something elegant yet cost-effective and budget friendly.” Those are sound words of advice, Molly!

Here is a sneak peak at something similar to what the couple has selected!


Don’t you love how the couple opted to go with letterpress?! From the invitations, note cards and more, the subtle charm is exquisite! In Molly’s own words, “The style of our wedding stationery is sweet, but not too stuffy.”

Okay, okay! We have waited long enough to share about the couple’s registry!! But wasn’t their stationery beautiful?! …Yes, we thought you’d like it!! We are confident you’ll also like, or perhaps even love their china lovelies!!

Many brides opt for registering for a family pattern, that they add to or supplement other pieces with. However, while Molly knows all about this process with her Bering’s position, she noted that while her family has beautiful pieces, she’s definitely taking her own route. She said that she chose Imperial Blue by Mottahedeh because she’s always enjoyed the look of blue and white together (Don’t we all?!!). She also mentioned there’s something crisp and traditional about the color scheme. Mottahedeh also provides high-quality items without exceeding the average cost of some other respected manufacturers. Molly made sure to point out that she loves all the manufacturers and being around them every day and appreciating them for their own unique beauty made the decision a bit challenging, but ultimately Mottahedeh’s Imperial Blue it was! Molly added, “After working at Bering’s for a few years I’ve just never grown tired of Imperial Blue, and I think it will go well with my overall style and furnishings.”


Keeping in mind Molly’s eye for timeless patterns that will be as beautiful today as they will be in 25 years +, we love her everyday china pattern too! Molly and Chris have selected another classic beauty – Bernardaud’s Louvre pattern. Why you ask is it called “Louvre”? Each piece is actually crafted to reflect aesthetics of the Louvre in France. So lovely!!! You truly cannot go wrong with white china!

BERNARDAUD Louvre at Bering's Hardware

Framing out both place settings will be Gorham’s Valcourt flatware pattern! This pattern is so regal and perfect!

Gorham Valcourt at Bering's Hardware

Clearly we saved one of the best for the last! Yes, pun intended! Chenonceau by La Maison, has this engaged couple’s vote for elegant stemware!!

Chenonceau by La Maison at Bering's Hardware

Please click here to view Molly and Chris’ complete wedding registry:

Now you’ve heard their story and have seen their beautiful wedding stationery and registry items you are probably curious about where the two will be honeymooning?! Well friends, the jury is still out, BUT it looks like St. Lucia, Nevis, Barbados or St. Barts will be the pick. A tropical get-away at the peak of winter sounds glorious!!!

From everyone at Bering’s Hardware, we truly wish Molly and Chris the best life has to offer in what is sure to be a very sweet ever after!

Wedding fun!

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