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Bridal Registry 411

You may or may not have heard of Bering’s Bridal Registry. …And you may or may not have heard exactly why registering at Bering’s is such a fun experience! With all of the decisions newly engaged couples face, your registry should be one of the most enjoyable experiences. At Bering’s each registrant is greeted by a seasoned bridal consultant who guides you through all of your tabletop registry questions.

Here is a picture of some of the bridal consultants at the Westheimer store:

Julia Clark, Kyle Story and Terry Price

With such a broad range of price points and styles, it can be a bit overwhelming deciding on a place setting. Bering’s bridal consultants go over your options with you, from how to care for your china, to mixing and matching and much more! The options are many, and the occasions you will use your china for are even greater!

Here are some tips our consultants suggest when deciding on where to register, as well as which pattern to make your own!

1. Do you plan on adding to an existing relative’s china pattern? If so, you can always select a few pieces to go with the pattern, or select a complimentary pattern to personalize it.

2. What is your style? …What is your fiancé’s style?

3. Do you tend to lean toward casual, or slightly more formal? Many patterns are dishwasher safe, while others require hand washing.

4. Do you plan on decorating with your china? Many registrants like to hang plates and platters, as well as keeping their table set year round. This might help determine which colors go with your home décor.

5. If mixing your china with other patterns; it is best to keep the color of the china the same, but to build on accent pieces.

6. While some consider sterling silver flatware fit for formal occasions only, there is no reason why you should store it away only to be seen twice a year. Bering’s bridal consultant, Kyle Story, suggests incorporating silver into your everyday use. …Isn’t everyday worth celebrating?!!! 🙂

7. It is helpful to keep an Excel spreadsheet of gifts you and your fiancé have received, along with thank you cards that you have or have not written. Keeping an organized list of gifts also helps to determine exactly what you still need to close out your registry.

8. Some newly engaged couples are of the mindset that if nobody buys the pieces they’ve selected, what is the point? We suggest going with what you really like (regardless of the price point). This is suggested because your china is something you can build on and add to over your lifetime. Often time, even passing it down through generations.

9. While walk-ins are always welcome, it is a bit more efficient for you and your fiancé to call ahead of time to schedule a bridal registry appointment. This is best when initially registering, as well as after your wedding- when exchanging and/or returning gifts!

10. Don’t be afraid to think long term when deciding if registering for your china is really important to you. It might not be now, but it most likely will be in 20 years! …When the entire family comes to your house for holiday gatherings, a pretty presentation is a sure way to brighten the holiday!

11. Try to be mindful of your wedding guests! We suggest registering for a range of items with varying price points. This is pretty simple to do when you add in placemats, napkins, etc.

Until the next Bering’s BRIDAL Buzz!

Wedding fun,


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