Barware Options for the Men in Your Life

Ladies it is time for us to focus on the men. It is fair to say most women have at least a baseline appreciation for pretty crystal and fine china, but where do the men in our lives fit in to the world of tabletop and barware settings and serveware? Join us for a fun preview of some timeless pieces that are reminiscent of those seen in Mad Men and some of our favorite movie classics. Even if barware is not your “cup-of-tea” it is good to keep your options open when trying to decide on the perfect housewarming, birthday or holiday gift for the men in your life!

A new line of barware that is making a major impact is William Yeoward’s Corinne pattern in the American Bar Collection. An added perk to this line is that since it is glass blown, it does not contain lead resulting in 100% functionality – while not compromising style. As you probably already know, crystal with a certain percent of lead is okay to pour your alcohol in, but not for long term storage.
William Yeoward Corinne BarwareA set of four double old fashion or highball glasses is always a great option for a man’s gift!

If you are looking for something a bit more unique to their lifestyle or interests, Evergreen’s line of crystal barware comes in several pattern options – from golfers, to horses to hunting dogs and more. Plus, the patterns add a unique touch differentiating them from other crystal and fine glassware patterns.
Evergreen Crystal BarwareAnother of our favorite lines of serve and barware is Vagabond House and Two’s Company. The horn pitcher and serving utensils are Vagabond House. They provide just the right amount of masculinity while still being elegant and sophisticated.
Vagabond House BarwareAnother great reason for selecting Two’s Company barware is that their glassware is also just that – glass blown, resulting in safe storage for your alcohol and liquor.

For those that might already have a great set of glassware or crystal drinkware, then take a look at the top row of beautiful silver ice-buckets and barware in the picture below:

Silver Ice Buckets

William Yeoward Lillian
William Yeoward Lillian Flute and Cocktail Jug

From a silver cocktail tray to the amazingly timeless silver ice-bucket, you really cannot go wrong! Adding an engraved name or initials would make the gift even more special!

Something you might or might not know is that a popular to-do in Europe is to decant champagne. If you or the person you are in search of a gift for is a champagne drinker, then William Yeoward’s Lillian pitcher and flutes are sure to be a fast favorite!

If you are still unsure as to just how much giving barware as a gift will be used or even liked, functionality aside – barware looks gorgeous on its own when displayed on a tray. If you need additional imagery to sway you to the beauty of crystal and barware, then there is really no question as to the sheer beauty of Juliska’s Graham collection featured below.

Juliska Graham BarwareThe options are many, but aren’t they grand?! We hope the next time you need a man’s gift you will consider one of the handsomely beautiful options above, or let the images inspire you to find just the right pattern for yourself or a loved one. They are all worthy of raising a glass to! …Cheers!

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