DIY Spring Sprucing with Paint

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This little table adds so much depth to the vignette and was painted with Amitha Verma Furniture Paint, available at Bering’s.

Spring sprucing conjures up so many mental images, from organizing, cleaning, bright colors and more! For some of us, the sprucing up continues on to pieces of furniture we have in our house. So many of us have pieces of less than desirable furniture that we wish could be tweaked or refined to help make the space a bit more desirable. The great news is that sprucing up your house is so easy to do and only requires a little time and even less paint!



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If you recall, earlier this year we hosted an Amitha Verma paint demo at our 3900 Bissonnet store location and were thrilled by the turn-out! No need to fret if you missed the demo because we are going to recap just how wonderfully simple it is to breathe new life into your pieces of furniture. In fact, it is so easy that you only need to remember these three steps…

Bering’s very own, Mike Uchniat, hosted a recent Amitha Verma Furniture Paint demo and painted a piece of furniture in front of event attendees at Bering’s on Bissonnet.


Step 1: Painting your piece no prepping, sanding or stripping required! Begin painting in one corner and start brushing beautiful, long, clean, and continuous strokes across your furniture using our natural Amitha Verma boar’s hair paint brush specifically designed to provide maximum coverage and a pro finish. You will want to avoid short strokes. Keep doing this until you cover your entire piece. The first coat will cover really, really well. Once it’s dry, take a look at your piece and decide if you want to apply a second coat or if you just need to touch up a few parts that didn’t get covered. Move on to step 2.

We all have chair envy! Would you believe that a Bering’s customer painted this chair for her daughter and it was her very first piece to paint since she was in grade school?! Trust us when we say that it is simple and pretty incredible given the instant gratification! And thanks to Bering’s valued customer, Melinda, for sharing!

Step 2: Applying Amitha Verma furniture wax in clear. If you want your finish to be durable and long-lasting, then applying clear wax to your piece is vital. The clear wax provides a protective seal on top of your painted finish. To start, take your large diameter round Amitha Verma clear wax brush specially designed to apply the wax quickly and evenly due to its round shape and optimal density and dip it into your Amitha Verma clear wax. Get a thin coat of wax on your brush. Apply the clear wax all over your piece. Let it dry for 20 minutes and move on to step 3.

Brush options

Step 3: Applying Amitha Verma furniture wax in brown or gray. Amitha Verma brown and gray wax are the secret ingredients to creating the richness and depth you love in painted furniture. This is the step that brings the gorgeous colors to life! To apply the dark wax, you’ll want to dip your Amitha Verma dark wax brush into your wax and get a thin coat of wax onto your brush which, was specially designed to ensure you get the perfect amount of darker wax on your piece. Then, apply the wax all over your piece using a “feathering” motion. Once the dark wax has completely dried after approximately 20 minutes, ask yourself, “Where are the areas that would show natural aging?” This is usually around the edges, handles, and any raised edges such as molding, creases and grooves. Go back into these areas and apply a second coat of wax to these areas. Let it dry for 20 mins.

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Here are some inspirational images of Amitha Verma paint transformations!

We apologize that there isn’t a before picture of this chair, but we love how Amitha’s Chantilly white paint, gray wax and a little gold leaf paint (from Bering’s) transformed this little chair!

If you love gilt accents then you’ll love this piece! Amitha shared the image with us from a piece she painted and we are smitten! You too can create this look at your own home. Simply select your paint color, add gold leaf and wax to your desired look (distressed)!

amitha paint exampleAmitha also shared the insanely handsome image below and at first blush, we were unsure as to which piece had been painted with Amitha Verma Furniture Paint. Can you tell? …The dresser on the left! This proves that incorporating DIY pieces into any room can work. Even the room featured below, that looks like it should be in Veranda or Luxe Magazine!

the dresserWe also wanted to share the image below that we found posted by House Beautiful. Mottahedeh’s Blue Canton china  pattern is as classically beautiful as it gets, we can all agree on that! However, if you’ll look at the backing of the china hutch you will notice the refreshing aqua paint color. It is a small touch, but one worth sharing and possibly incorporating in your own home! You don’t have to paint an entire piece, sometimes a little gray or brown wax, gold leaf paint or a focal point of a furniture piece is all it takes!

64f125aae6774224908bc5c213ff8dd4Amitha Verma’s thoughtfully curated, designer colors make picking the wrong color impossible. Create memories in your reinvented home– now and for years to come. Visit either Bering’s location for an assortment of color options or shop Amitha’s paint brushes online now by clicking here!

Simply select your Color, Wax, and pick up your Amitha Verma Brushes to transform your home today! …Spring sprucing can be fun with a little creativity!

Spring sprucing!


*Thanks to Amitha Verma for sharing her great tips for recreating your home with a paint brush and a little paint.




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