New Year’s Resolutions

Cliché, maybe – but hear us out! Fresh starts can actually be refreshing and very rewarding. Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions might be easier than you think. We’ve compiled some of our favorite products to help get you off and running in 2014!

The Vitamix

Vitamix Professional Series 500

We are all familiar with juicing, smoothies and power foods like kale, etc. The Vitamix can help you with all of these w/o having to dice up your produce into tiny pieces first. This is a huge time saver! Not only is it commercial grade, but it can make hot and cold food too. It is a great way to give you and your family a healthy boost! The best part it is that it is easy to clean. Yes, it is actually self-cleaning!

A Grill

Firemagic Aurora Grill

If your resolution was to have a more balanced life with work and family, then firing up your grill or investing in a new one is a smart investment. Preparing meals at home and taking time to eat with your family is always a good thing! Grilling can also be a healthy alternative. We have grills ranging from Hasty Bake, The Big Green Egg and so many more! Come see us for more options.

Spare Key(s)


If you caught yourself wishing you had a spare key to give the neighbor, or to strategically hide in your backyard, then perhaps you need to pay us a visit and have some spare keys made! The best part is that you don’t have to deal with a huge parking lot or a massive store. Parking is always easy and we will get you in an out in no time!

MyAgenda and/or a MomAgenda

momAgenda / myAgenda

Write it down!!! Does “Can you meet me at X time” sound familiar? MyAgendas and MomAgendas are excellent for getting your life in order, as well as your family’s! They come in a range of colors and sizes that help the busiest of us stick to a schedule.

Stationery for thank you cards


Do you like those thoughtful gifts you received for Christmas? Then you should probably write a thank you card. Our stationers can show you options that will help you express your gratitude while illustrating your personal style with your monogram and/or a nice design. Personalized stationery orders generally take 2 weeks to receive, so come in soon!

Domestic Items


What do we mean by domestic items? The ‘oh so exciting air filters and burned out light bulbs that need to be replaced are a good start! We carry 3M air filters in all shapes and sizes! The same can be said for our wide assortment of indoor and outdoor light bulbs! We suggest stocking up on both so that you’ll have them on standby! We all know that when one light bulb burns out three more tend to follow.

Aromatic Mornings

Bering's Coffee

This might be a stretch, and while healthy smoothies prepared by a Vitamix will give you a natural boost, a little caffeine is also a great way to start your mornings! Our Bering’s blends are second to none when it comes to rich and smooth flavors that are delightfully aromatic to wake up to. We have so many flavors to choose from, you might need to come in to fully appreciate the many options. Would you believe that one of our customers actually said that the Rainforest Blend changed his life? Hey, if the blend helped motivate him to get his days started, then we agree it can be life changing!

Cheers to a truly spectacular 2014!


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