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For Release: March 8, 2016

Augie Bering V has been promoted to CEO and President of Bering’s

Houston, TX – March 8, 2015, Bering’s Board of Trustees approved the promotion of Augie Bering V as the new CEO and President of Bering’s, assuming the title of CEO from his father, Augie Bering IV. The newly added title includes CEO, as Augie Bering V has held the title of President of Bering’s since September, 2011. Augie Bering IV will continue to serve as Bering’s Senior Chairman of the Board.

Augie Bering V continues to provide the progressive oversite the store has thrived on for over 75 years when the store was founded by his grandfather, Augie Bering III.

“The common thread that keeps Bering’s sustainable, is ‘the Bering’s way.’ What we are and what our customers expect us to be would not be possible without the 180 plus dedicated employees who work every day to make the experience possible. There isn’t one person’s job here that is more important than another. If one person fails, we all fail and we all learn. If one person succeeds, we all succeed, and we all learn from this success. Our ability to grow is through these little failures and little successes,” Augie Bering V shared in a recent press interview.

From an electrical fire in 1971 resulting in a total loss of the Westheimer store, to sustaining the 2001 recession, Augie Bering V holds true to his belief of personal ownership, loyalty, and kinship as the recipe for breaking the barriers of what the store has done and continues to do as a team. Through years of responding to customer needs, the store morphed into an indescribable business that continues to offer a thriving wedding registry, hardware, as well as Waterford crystal, Herend china, children’s apparel, Big Green Egg grills, Yeti Coolers, small kitchen appliances, gourmet coffee, top-of-the-line fine paper in stationery and more.

Bering’s continues to be family owned and operated with two Houston, Texas locations, 6102 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77057 as well as a location at 3900 Bissonnet, Houston, TX 77005; telephone 713.785.6400; website


About Bering’s:

Celebrating their 76th year of business, the first Bering’s Hardware opened in Houston, Texas in 1940 as a traditional hardware and lumber company. A second location was developed in 1987. Through the years, Bering’s has grown its offerings into 16 separate departments and has been cited in several national articles and books as being one of the best places to shop in America.


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