Paint it Black!

Do you have children or are you a child at heart? If you answered yes to either question then this will be a great blog post for you to read! While crayons and markers are fun for self-expression, they aren’t quiet as exciting as drawing on the wall, a door, picture frame, furniture – and the list goes on! Chalkboard paint and dry erase paint are beyond cool and fun for all ages!

rust-oleum chalk paintRust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint and/or Rust-Oleum dry erase paint can be sprayed, rolled on or painted. Both are easy to apply and provide a fun surface to write and wipe off on! The kitchen is one option for the busy parents needing to get dinner served while keeping the little ones entertained. …Or use your newly painted surface to jot down the grocery list, after school schedules, chores or numbers for the sitter!


Both the dry erase as well as the chalkboard paint provide a truly unique writeable-erasable surface. They can be applied to wood, metal, masonry, drywall, plaster, concrete, hardboard and more. While the cleanup is simple with the ability to wipe the chalk or dry erase marker off, for a more thorough cleaning all it takes is soap & water! Easy!!

chalkboardpaintIf drawing and/or writing on the walls or furniture isn’t for you, then we have another option you might consider, Krylon magnetic paint! It is a base coat that allows you to create a surface that attracts magnets almost anywhere. Just like the chalkboard and dry erase paint, it too can be applied to wood, metal, masonry, drywall and plaster. While magnetic paint inspires creativity it is also ‘oh-so’ practical and functional for every day uses for playrooms, hanging pictures, posting notes, spice racks and more!

Krylon Magnetic Paintkryolonmagneticpaint

For best results, we agree with the manufacturers and suggest allowing all of these options to dry for three days. The short wait is a drop in the bucket compared to the endless fun to be had with a canvas for drawing on or arranging magnets on that is as big as your imagination! …And if you should ever grow tired of such creative surfaces, then simply prime over the paint and repaint with a more traditional color option (and finish)!!

Come see us for more creative options, application questions and more. We are in the business of helping YOU with all of YOUR household needs. See you soon and go ahead and draw on the walls, it’ll wipe “write” off!


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