Time For Fall at Bering’s

Despite the heat, it’s time for fall at Bering’s!  For many people it is difficult to fathom cozying up near a fire or raking freshly-fallen leaves.  Here in Texas we like to let home design and festive decorations do the cool-weather scene setting for us.  Whether you enjoy seasonal décor or not, now is the perfect time to stop by either store to check out some of the new items we’ve recently received.

Harvest Yard DecorationsOne of the most effortless yet pleasing ways to make your space look and feel like fall is by using yard decorations. These yard stakes by Round Top Collection are beautiful and painless to install.  All it takes is some grass and a little bit of arm leverage to achieve a festive yet tasteful harvest yard. Warm fall colors combined with classic imagery and design really bring the seasonal charms.

These metal pumpkins would make a great addition to any walkway or front-door stoop. They would also look great mixed in with live pumpkins.

Metal Pumpkin Decorations To see more yard décor by Round Top Collection or Regal check head to our Lawn & Garden area at either store location.

Beatriz Ball PumpkinAnother way to make your home is by switching out tired tabletop decorations with fresh designs.  One of our most popular vendors, Beatriz Ball, has recently unveiled some new pieces that are sweet and functional.  The pumpkin at left works wonderfully as a serving bowl for dinner parties or as a dish to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters this Halloween.  You’re sure to be the hit of the block with this piece, or at least the parents accompanying their trick-or-treaters with appreciate it!

Garden Verdi Curved Leaf Dish The Garden Verdi Curved Leaf Dish is also an elegant piece to display on your table or even the kitchen counter.  In the picture at right the leaf dish is displayed on an easel, but it could easily be laid on its back, making it a unique centerpiece. Like the rest of Beatriz Ball’s tableware, these pieces can be used to chill, serve, and bake food.

If you’re searching for the perfect fall scent look no further! Aromatique and Thymes have done it again.  With fragrances like Brandied Pumpkin & Chestnut and Cinnamon Cider your home is sure to be transformed.   Some scents are heavier than others, so it might be wise to select your two favorites and alternate between the two.  Both companies offer their fragrances in various forms (potpourri, room spray, etc.), so if lighting candles is not your thing they’ve got you covered!

Aromatique Brandied Pumpkin & Chestnut

Thymes Cinnamon Cider

Last, but certainly not least, are the various patterns of plates and dinnerware made by Spode Turkey PlatterSpode.  Although we carry Spode year-round, during the holidays Bering’s tends to have an abundance of items in stock.  The turkey platter can be used with the coordinating tableware, but is also cohesive with many patterns that are not necessarily made by Spode.  Essentially, whether you purchase one item or collect many, a striking piece such as a soup tureen or platter can transform your table into a masterpiece that your friends are sure to talk about for weeks to come.

The fluted pheasant platter is a reminder of cooler days ahead.  It works great for serving and could easily compliment a plate-filled hutch.

Spode Fluted Pheasant Platter

Whether you decide to deck your house with scarecrows and pumpkins or simply scatter potpourri throughout your home, we hope that you enjoy the season.  Decorating for fall can be easy, clutter-free, and fun!

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