Transforming Your Home With A Little Hardware & Paint

It is fun to look at Pinterest, Traditional Home and Veranda to get ideas for your own home, but actually putting the wheels in motion to mirror your inspiration room or furniture pieces isn’t always as easy! Even if your project is in the budget, it is not always easy to find exactly what you are looking for – or to know who to ask for help. You might dismiss what you are about to read as “not for me” – but you most likely have at least one piece of furniture that you are tired of looking at, that has good bones but needs a little TLC or better yet – a fresh coat of paint and hardware!

Refinishing your current furniture, or purchasing slightly damaged pieces with the intent to “fix them up” is a great way to get the look you want and potentially save money in the process. Most of our customers know we were originally founded as a hardware store, and as our Bering’s Hardware name implies, we are still very much in the hardware business! As many of you know, we sell paint as well. While many of you are “do-it-yourselfers”, some projects are better left to the experts. We connected with our friend and professional painter, Leslie Sinclair of Segreto Finishes to share in some photos of just how amazing a little (or a lot) paint and hardware can transform your old and tired furniture and home.

Leslie is in the business of amazing lustrous painting. She and her team can literally transform the smallest of furniture pieces to the grandest of rooms with just one thing – paint! …And at times, some fabulous hardware too! When we say “paint” we are not talking about your traditional “fresh coat of paint”. Nope, Leslie and her team take painting to a whole new level, as seen in the pictures below.

Leslie lives by the philosophy that upon entering a room, your eyes should not draw a distinction to one element or finish but should see the surroundings as a whole. By developing a palette that complements a home’s architecture and design, surroundings are given a new perspective. Segreto Secrets Blog.

Take the hutch featured below for example. While we do not have a before picture to share with you, it is a classic piece that many of you have in your own home, or know a friend or family member that does. While a piece might have the “bones” you are looking for, often times it is stuck in a past time period – and not in a good way!

Refinished HutchSegreto Finishes transformed the four pieces below to not look as if they were given a paint job/fresh coat of paint, but instead, a new façade. Segreto achieves this so wonderfully by applying one of their many finishes over a base coat. Some refer to the finishes as distressed, whatever you prefer to refer the finishes to, we can most all agree the new finishes are truly delightful!

To achieve the updated look of the pieces featured below, there are just a couple of items we suggest you or your contractor consider for your project(s):
1) Pratt & Lambert paint: The finish, array of color options and overall longevity of the paint is unsurpassed.
2) New hardware: Even when repainting the entire piece, hardware and all, adding new hardware is best to ensure the updated façade and look meets your desired outcome. Additionally, some hardware on older pieces of furniture can really date them – and not in a good way!

The refinished desk featured below is a staple in most homes. It is pretty amazing to see how the Segreto finish truly brings the piece to a new dimension. Also, notice the delicate hardware update the owner selected. It is the perfect complement to the piece’s new look.

Refinished Desk
We especially love the dresser pictured below. The lighter finish softens the look and adds an almost romantic feel.

Refinished Dresser
Refinished CredenzaAnd we couldn’t leave out the most popular “staple” in most everyone’s home! The coveted television! Most of us have a television that we (or our better half) refuse to live without. Cleverly incorporating the television into your home décor can be a bit of a challenge. While housing your television in an armoire is a nice option, many choose the option left. The featured credenza is a common piece of furniture often used to sit your television on. However, the paint transformation makes it anything but common!

We are excited about sharing our final individual furniture update with you. It is one of our blog post subscriber’s before and after success stories. The subscriber loved the timeless traditional aspect of her dining table and chairs, but it was a set that was seen more to “get them by” until a more preferred option presented itself down the road. And while you might not be able to tell from the pictures below, the finish had seen better days!
Don’t you love the before and after pictures?! …Paint is a beautiful thing!

Better Days
Here is a little glimpse of some truly remarkable Pratt & Lambert shades.

Pratt & Lambert Paint Chips
We also want to show you a snapshot of some of our favorite hardware.

Favorite Hardware
With so many desirable refinishing options for individual pieces of furniture, we would be remised to leave out some of the absolutely incredible cabinetry jobs Segreto has achieved. …Be sure to also note the hardware. Hardware can sometimes be written off as a way to save money by going with a more “run-of-the-mill” option, but taking a bit of time to look into all of your options is one you will appreciate in the long run.
The Segreto finish featured below is truly remarkable and calming.

Segreto Finishes
Here is another Segreto kitchen that adds a bit of color without going off the deep end! The light blue almost gray finish is a nice departure from more traditional tans and hues of white. We also love the simple hardware the homeowner selected.

Segreto kitchen

Our final cabinetry image is not a Segreto beauty, but we chose to share it with you because we love the hardware! The pulls that were selected are a nice balance of masculine for the boy’s nursery, while maintaining a soft quality the mother was trying to achieve.

Cabinet Hardware

In closing, we want to be sure and thank Leslie Sinclair for being a part of this post. We hope you enjoyed this article and that it inspires you to take a fresh look at the pieces in your home, and the gems that they might actually be. For more inspiring looks, we also suggest looking at – or purchasing the Segreto Secrets book. It is a special coffee table option that will dazzle your imagination with unthinkable options to transform your home. Lastly, be sure to check out Segreto’s blog for a steady stream of “fresh painting” options at


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