A Breath of Fresh Air…

Bering’s offers a full-line of Filtrete a/c filters. They are engineered for maximum performance in the tough Houston climate.


As a part of Bering’s renowned customer service; if you provide your name, address and phone number, we will keep your filter type and size on file. The next time you’re in, we can look it up for you. It is just one less thing you have to remember!!

If you are asking, “Why filter your indoor air?” …It is because allergens are in the air. Indoor air commonly contains particles like pollen, mold spores, dust-mite debris and other allergens. Some of these particles, like household dust, are visible to the naked eye. Others, like particles that can carry viruses, bacteria and odors, are microscopic. To help reduce the amount of airborne particles, it’s important to use a high-efficiency air filter.

The benefits are countless, but the effort involved is minimal! So go ahead and take a deep breath and exhale!! AWWW

Click here for some of the many options online or come in-store for even more!! http://www.berings.com/Search.aspx?&k=3M

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