A Fairy Tale 5th Birthday!

Bridget’s 5th Birthday Party!

Bridget's 5th Birthday Invite

Bridget's BirthdayIf you’ve ever been to the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center then you are well aware of the natural beauty and endless activities that abound – such as turtle watching, listening to birds chirping, strolling along paths and more! The grounds of the Arboretum were transformed with an abundance of whimsical fairy dust and an additional layer of pure imagination for sweet Bridget’s 5th birthday party!


Years from now, Bridget and her friends will have their own magical memories of Houston’s nature oasis commonly known as The Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, or to them Fairy Land!


Upon arriving at the party, each attendant instantly bypassed the cocoon phase and was instantly “knighted” into fairydom with their own magical set of fairy wings! Adding to the mystique of the enchanted land, each little fairy was further transformed with glitter infused face painting!

IMG_6704-3However, as folklore has it, fairies don’t sit still!! It wasn’t long before these little fairies set off on a fairy doll hunt! Each of them found their own fairy dolls. Careful thought was given in the fairy doll selection process. Adding to the fairy folklore, once you touch a fairy doll it is yours!

IMG_6689-3 IMG_6808-2A special area was sectioned off for the hunt! Here is a fairy door!


Jars were filled with natural treasures such as flowers, feathers and fairy dust – before Bridget and her friends carefully placed their fairy dolls inside for safekeeping!

IMG_6870-3 IMG_6818-3IMG_6839-3

While the fairy hunt was truly magical, the butterfly release enabled these little fairies a chance to hold their own butterfly for a few minutes and experience their beauty, before releasing them/letting them fly away! It is even sweeter to know that Bridget’s dream birthday gift was to have a pet butterfly!! How good of her to release it into the Arboretum! The pictures will last forever and are sure to always make Bridget and her friends smile. …Perhaps, Bridget named her butterfly Tinkerbell! 🙂

IMG_8368-3 “The kids were so happy running and playing. I only wished it could have lasted longer,” said Bridget’s mother when asked if she would have changed anything about the special day. She added, “Being in the beautiful outdoor space at the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center was truly transformational, it felt magical with the sunlight sparkling on the plants and flowers! The weather was absolutely beautiful.”


As magically adorable and energetic as fairies are, even the tiniest of fairies need sustenance! The birthday girl and her fellow fairy friends kept their energy up by hydrating with lavender lemonade and delicious bites that included magic butterfly brownies, pixie sandwiches, fairy rug- sugar cookies, rainbow cupcakes, sunflower bread and BIRTHDAY CAKE!!

IMG_6770-3 IMG_6771-3 IMG_6772-3

IMG_7709-2 IMG_6649IMG_6768-3 IMG_6658

*Parents (grown up fairies) stayed cool with some passion fruit rosemary flower margaritas!


These Caspari napkins with beautiful butterflies are almost as pretty as the ones that were released!!


The fairy place cards added to the ambiance and helped to make all of Bridget’s fellow fairy friends feel even more welcome in Fairy Land!


The party favors were incredibly adorable and so creative! The girls received fairy wings, necklaces with little vials of fairy dust and a wand packaged up to fairy perfection in little socks, rainbow roses and a little fairy doll selected by each of Bridget’s friends on the Fairy Hunt!!

whimsyvial sock of fairy wishes IMG_8014

The icing on the cake was the photographer’s surprise gift of a slideshow put to music on a DVD that captured the beauty of the children and the fairy magic of the party! With such beautifully happy memories of the good times that were had, you might be asking how the party could end on an even sweeter note… Bering’s is in the business of details and our stationery team was enlisted to help with the finishing touches!

thankyou2thank you card

*Bridget’s thank you cards, by Bering’s Stationery!

Each guest received a personalized thank you card in fairy font, and a copy of the DVD/slideshow! Little Bridget’s mother was so impressed with the photographer’s gracious gesture of providing her with a slideshow that she had copies made for all of the fairies in attendance.

IMG_6929-3 IMG_6906-2 IMG_6654-3pretty fairies

In preparing this special blog post, Bridget’s fairy mother (not fairy godmother) mentioned something that was extremely heartfelt, “Choose to do the things you love and you’ll be surprised by what you can pull together with what you already have.” That is so true and a nice reminder.

In closing, while Bering’s was originally founded as Houston’s first hardware store; we are honored to be a part of life’s many fairy tales. …After all, life itself is a most wonderful Fairy Tale!

IMG_7017-3 IMG_6947-3_ME

In addition to our talented Bering’s staff, we would like to be sure and give credit to the following venues for doing such a beautiful job!

The cake maker: Jody Cakes

Catered by Butter 

Face painting by Rawr Face Painting, Erika Bryan

Photographer: Constance Marie Photography

Fairy table-scape – by Woodland Fairy Gardens on Etsy

Food cards and place setting cards by Heather Gray of Touch of Gray on Etsy

Rainbow roses (disco roses), by Bergner and Johnson Design

Butterfly release: Vibrant Wings Houston

Jumbo tissue flowers: Whimsy Pie on Etsy





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