An Inviting Home, It’s all in the Details!

For those of you who prefer a more traditional approach to home décor, we think you will enjoy this post. If your tastes run to the more modern options, that is quite alright – we hope you might too draw a few nuggets of inspiration from this post. A Bering’s home is an inviting home, and achieving that is sometimes a bit more difficult than we’d like! One of our loyal customers allowed us to take a few pictures of her lovely home, and we think you will enjoy how the homeowner has cleverly placed bits of color and sentimental pieces to make her guests feel oh so welcome!

Formal Dining Room LayoutWhen you walk into this gorgeous home you are first met with this classically inspired dining room to the right. What we find particularly charming about this room (aside from everything!) is the homeowner’s use of plates to provide a sense of balance and frill to the room, without overdoing it. We also applaud her for displaying not one, but two china cabinets which allow her to display some truly special family china. Mixing the colors with one being painted is a great addition to Table Runner Layoutany room. The selective placement of blue and white china, as seen at either side of the arch, along with the table centerpiece, and to the left on top of the china cabinet, infuses just the right amount of color and really ties it all together.

At right is a closer look at the beautiful blue and white bowl placed in the center of a Bering’s Home table runner. Fall décor to the right and left of the centerpiece are so nice and festive!

While we did not capture a complete formal living room picture, we focused in on pieces the homeowner has collected over the years. These Halcyon Days boxes (below) are truly special, each symbolic of a special day from years past – from family and friends. We love how they are displayed on a sweet silver tray. And we cannot forget to point out the recurring blue and white theme. Also notice the two gorgeous Herend pieces? Herend’s Blue Chinese Bouquet makes any room a bit more inviting.

Halcyon Days Boxes

Herend FigurinesBefore heading to the next room, we will focus on another vignette in the formal living room. This little side table is transformed to a colorfully intriguing assortment of some artfully painted pieces. These Herend figurines are each hand painted and were individually collected over the years – representing some amazing days from the past. Even though the figurines might be mostly green and white, the homeowner cleverly incorporated a bit of blue and white to bring the overall look together.

While we have been singing the praises of blue and white, just like the little green and Plate Rackwhite Herend pieces above, color is pretty no matter the shade, and you certainly cannot go wrong with green! The kitchen has the perfect “nook” to house this traditional plate wrack. The plates are all perfectly placed and quite lovely to look at. …And just when you thought we weren’t going to comment on anything else in this picture, we saved the best for last! Isn’t the silver tea set exquisite? It really provides a foundation for the look. The little pumpkin is too cute!

If you are a Facebook follower, then the picture below should look familiar! We just posted it last week and commented on how it is a truly special way to remember the honored days of your little one’s baptism or christening. While we of course love the Kissy Kissy framed gown, we’re also drawn to the blue Kissy Kissy framed gownand white cookie jar on top of the wardrobe. See it? It is to the top right of the picture. This vignette is the definition of an inviting home, and one that most all of us would love to come home to.

Thanks to our Bering’s customer, and friend, for allowing us to capture some images of her amazingly inviting home!

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