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Organic Lawn & Garden Care

Organic lawn and garden care isn’t a fad. Interest in pest control and fertilization using non-chemical methods has been steadily growing into the mainstream for the last decade and is beginning to crowd out traditional methods in the marketplace. Organic products are multiplying as the American consumer gains knowledge and experience. It is no longer enough to label a bottle “organic” as people delve deeper into the world of Mycorrhizals and Humates. In response Bering’s Hardware, a Houston based hardware store and web-retailer, has expanded the breadth and depth of their organic lines. Some fast-growth areas noted by the retailer are mosquito repellents, garden pest control, weeding and fertilizers. For example, in the recent past, one might choose to deal with an insect infestation with malathion. Today there are a variety of alternative readily available including citrus oils, capsaicin-based products, garlic, cedar oil and diatomacious earth. When combating mosquitoes, people are considering linalool or citronella instead of deet or toxic sprays.

Bering’s Hardware is committed to promoting organic care and is striving to become a knowledge center for homeowners and gardeners who are interested in this rapidly growing sector of the economy. This year’s Grass Roots Sale, a tradition at Bering’s, demonstrates this ethic with an increased range of organic goods for the outdoors as well as some surprises in the kitchen and domestic pet departments.

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