Bourbon Barrel Soy Sauce & More!

Here is why we are fans of Bourbon Barrel Foods!

Bourbon Barrel Foods at Bering's Hardware

While it is true, we carry some seriously delicious sauces and seasonings at Bering’s Hardware, we are always on the lookout for products to add. We couldn’t be more excited about Bourbon Barrel Food’s line of gourmet products. Their philosophy is slow, small and simple. And from this process they produce some savory mixes that are seriously amazing! As delicious as they might be, the line is very innovative. The line is the first in America to make small-batch soy sauce.

Bourbon Barrel Soy Sauce at Bering's Hardwawre
Bourbon Barrel Foods is located in Louisville, Kentucky, which is known as the gateway to Bourbon Country. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Louisville area native, Matt Jamie developed a line of specialty foods, including flavored sorghums and spices perfumed with smoldering staves salvaged from spent bourbon barrels. He is noted as saying his bourbon-smoked paprika is what helped to pay for the development of his soy sauce. It is a truly special soy sauce, unlike any you have tried in the past.

Most of us are familiar with Japanese-style soy sauce. Matt Jamie’s product was inspired by the small soy breweries of Japan, which number around 1,600, but it boasts an impeccable Kentucky pedigree. Here is the Bourbon Barrel Food’s difference:

Matt Jamie buys organic soybeans and soft red winter wheat from a downstate Kentucky farmer whose family has been plowing the land since before the Civil War. Until recently, the farmer sold soybeans to a family of miso makers in Osaka, Japan. Mr. Jamie relies on limestone-filtered water from a nearby spring named after the Samuels family of Maker’s Mark fame.

Bourbon Barrel at Bering's Hardware

He then boils his beans, roasts his wheat and ferments his sauce in the rear of a converted factory in Louisville. Mr. Jamie then ages that sauce in old whiskey barrels purchased from Buffalo Trace Distillery, down the road in Frankfort, and the Woodford Reserve Distillery, in Versailles.

Bourbon Barrel Foods makes gourmet food products such as Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce, Bourbon Barrel Aged Soy Sauce, Kentuckyaki, Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt, Peppercorns and Paprika, and a line of gourmet Sweet Sorghums.


“We wanted to create a special place for people to shop that celebrates Kentucky’s bourbon heritage,” Matt Jamie, president of Bourbon Barrel Foods stated in a press release. “We also wanted to create an opportunity for people to see our products being made. So we located our plant in the same building as our retail space and built a special window into our incubation room. Bourbon lovers will appreciate this opportunity to see how we use the spent barrels and how we micro-brew our sauces.”

Bourbon Barrel Foods at Bering's Hardware

All of this is why we are sure you too will be a fan of Matt Jamie’s incredible line of Bourbon Barrel Foods! Pick some up at either store; it is the perfect addition to grilling season! Or purchase some online at:


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