Hardware Options Simplified!

While Bering’s Hardware is indeed a hardware store, if you have ever spent time looking at the hardware you might find that you are either instantly drawn to a brand or style or else confused by all of the options. Either scenario is understandable! Let’s take a look at some of the hardware lines we carry and share a bit about them. Hopefully you will find that your next venture out to select hardware is somewhat clearer knowing more about your many options!

From Baldwin to Rocky Mountain to Ashley Norton to EMTEK and Nostalgic Warehouse, Inc. and more, just trying to remember all of the great manufacturers of hardware is daunting in itself. The average homeowner, as well as builder, is more concerned about achieving the look they like at a price that is agreeable to their budget. We get it, which is why we carry such an extensive line of hardware.

Once you are in the market for hardware be it a new home or something as small as a replacement knob, going to one store with a knowledgeable staff is extremely helpful. It is good to start by either coming in with a picture of what you are looking for (if you don’t already know the brand) or to take a stroll and see what catches your eye. From there you are so close!

Hardware is like shoes, you will most likely always pay a premium for a quality pair that is made to last – yet you are guaranteed to find “the look” of a high end pair for a lot less depending on the overall quality. In short, achieving the look is never a problem or issue. Some of our top hardware lines in quality and craftsmanship are Baldwin, Rocky Mountain, Ashley Norton and EMTEK.

Let’s get started with Baldwin, and what better way to jump right in than to take a quick high level view of the evolution of a Baldwin door knob. It makes you appreciate the craftsmanship a lot more seeing it from end-to-end!

Baldwin Hardware
Here are some gorgeous Baldwin knobs.

Baldwin Hardware
As you can see there is a finish and style that is sure to work for every style and taste! Baldwin is literally as solid as they come and made in America.

Baldwin Hardware
Rocky Mountain Hardware is another luxurious line of hardware that is as gorgeous as it is durable. Rocky Mountain Hardware began as a family owned distributor and showroom for other manufacturers’ architectural hardware. Over time they began to notice a gap in the market, both in terms of style and the quality of the hardware’s operation.

That was the beginning of custom bronze work by Rocky Mountain Hardware. Whenever a need arose on a project for a particular type of hardware that just couldn’t be found, the company created it. This grew into the realization that there was a market for a new line of hardware: a simple, handcrafted look that would work equally as well in a rustic log home, a Mediterranean-style villa, a French country house, or a more contemporary-style project.

Here are some of our favorite hardware pieces by Rocky Mountain:

“Getting a handle on it” takes on a whole new meaning when you look at this beautiful picture.
Rocky Mountain Hardware
As if the wine cellar pictured below isn’t great in itself, these handles that have the look of door knocks, are regal and do the trick of drawing you in!
Rocky Mountain HardwareThis Rocky Mountain pull is perfectly placed on this shower door.

Rocky Mountain Hardware
Moving onto another line we love, Ashley Norton hardware! Established in 1987, Ashley Norton has grown to become one of the leading designers and manufacturers of architectural hardware. With both solid brass and solid bronze manufacturing capabilities, their products range amongst the most diverse in the high end architectural hardware in the industry.

We think you’ll agree that Ashley Norton’s patina & beautiful finishes, paired with the fine lines and curves amount to hardware that is hard to match aesthetically.

Ashley NortonAshley Norton

We have to mention EMTEK hardware!! While EMTEK is amazingly gorgeous, it is a bit more budget friendly. As mentioned earlier in this post, finding the look you like isn’t a problem at Bering’s Hardware; we have the look and price point to match every customer’s needs. Here are some beautiful EMTEK pieces!

Emtek HardwareEmtek Hardware
We hope you’ll consider us the next time you have a project, big or small. Contractors visit us regularly and we are always happy to help. Given the opportunity to assist you, we think you’ll be amazed at how great your home looks with equally beautiful hardware. It is the details, details, details that make a home feel and look like a home. …Just remember, finding the perfect hardware really is simple – we can help!

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