Our Favorite Things for Fourth of July Festivities

With the Fourth of July and Summer Olympics right around the corner, patriotism and sentiments of red, white and blue are stronger than ever. Independence Day is definitely a cause to celebrate with friends and family. If you are hosting a party and/or bbq, or attending one, then this blog is for you! We have all of your party needs covered- except for the food and fireworks!

Indoor or outdoor, casual entertaining calls for festive yet functional serve ware. Paper or plastic is the question…? Well, technically Melamine is not plastic- but it is as durable and much more fashionable. Le Cadeaux has a wonderful line of Melamine place settings that are completely functional- especially for outdoor entertaining!

Louis White is a beautiful Melamine pattern. Since it is white, you can pair it with red and blue paper goods or linens to add a festive touch.
Le Cadeaux Louis White Dinnerware
Le Cadeaux Polycarb Blue HiballLe Cadeaux also makes beautiful drink ware. Don’t you love the highball glass featured at right? This blue is just amazing and looks good with any number of place settings from casual to formal.

If you plan on being outside for any amount of time, then you will need to help keep your drinks cool! Look no further than Tervis. These tumblers are insulated to help keep your drinks cooler longer. We have a huge assortment, and are confident you will find ones you love. Here are just some of the options available to you:

Some of our many Tervis Tumblers

Of course an always appropriate alternative for casual entertaining is paper plates and napkins. Our stationery department has some great options, as seen below:

Charcoal Companion BBQ Serving Set

Now we have the basics covered, your Fourth of July bbq won’t be a party without a bbq serving set!

While we do not sell ribs, steak or chicken, we can certainly help you with the grilling component! True, the color is not especially patriotic, but the aroma sure is. A Big Green Egg grill will make everyone at your party happy.

We also have a wide variety of electric and gas grills that are excellent options for grilling.
If you are going down the list and checking off our suggested items of Fourth of July essentials, then don’t forget your Yeti Cooler!

Yeti CoolersThese coolers not only keep your beverages and bites cool, but they are also durable enough to serve as extra seating if need-be. …And would you believe Yeti Coolers are even certified as “Bear Proof”- no joke! So if you plan on taking your party out to the country, your Yeti will be safe! (I am sure that was a concern!)
To wrap up our list of Fourth of July party musts, we are sure you will be taking tons of pictures with your friends and family. Here are a couple of adorable options to put your little ones in to celebrate the first, second, or third of many Independence Days to come for them… Aren’t they precious?!

We hope you have a wonderful summer and an even more amazing Fourth of July with your friends and family!


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