Coloring With A Needle Embroidery Class

  • 6102 Westheimer

Join us for an embroidery class with Mariana Barran from Hibiscus Linens. This class is an opportunity to explore your creativity, a collaboration between Mariana Barran who will walk you through the color combination and hand embroidery techniques needed to bring to life one floral design at Bering’s Houston. Each design is whimsical, beautiful, completely unique and perfect for stitchers new and expereinced.

You will take home:

  • 100% linen hand towel with the pattern of your choice
  • Embroidery hoop
  • 2 needles
  • 4 color of threads
  • A stitch guide for future consultation
  • Signature pattern from Hibiscus Linen

Materials will be available for you upon arrival, including a wide selection of threads and towels to choose from included in your class sign up fee.

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