Some Helpful Services We Offer!

We all have a “to-do” list and no matter how many tasks we accomplish, it somehow seems to just increase with even more items! You might not think of Bering’s as a place to get service related items taken care of, but we actually provide some services you might or might not know about.

For starters, who doesn’t need another key made? Yes, we cut keys! Not only do we cut keys, but we also offer lock re-keying. The best part is that you don’t have to deal with a huge store to get to the key counter. We are quick and will get you in and out, so you can take care of all of your other “to-do’s!”


With the holidays upon us, you might want to examine your knives. Come in anytime and drop your knives off for us to send to have sharpened. Both Bering’s locations offer this service!

reed & barton knivesWhile most Bering’s customers know about our personalized stationery service, we would be remised not to include it in this post! Sure you can jump online and order stationery, BUT is it grammatically correct, timely and well thought out? You aren’t only receiving the best customer service from our talented stationers, but you will leave upon placing your stationery order knowing you are in good hands with the highest quality of stationery. From birth announcements, Christmas cards, weddings invitations and more – please pay us a visit and see why in person is so much better than ordering online.


Our next service is for many, the biggest and most exciting one we offer! …You guessed it – bridal and baby registries are equally exciting for us to help with! With the most beautiful selection of bridal registry from tabletop to cookware, even your guests will be excited about your registry. And who doesn’t love heirloom quality baby gifts and attire?! Our baby department’s selection is beyond precious!! Click here to create your registry or locate a friend’s!

Bering's Bridal Registry

Here is a service we LOVE! Our luggage department offers two lines with personalization – White Wing and Jon Hart. Both are made in Texas and are very good looking! …Come visit us for more options, or shop us online:

White Wing Label

*A little tid-bit in services we provide is minor lamp repair. Yep, we are happy to help with your beloved lamps!

Theodore AlexanderTo round out this blog post on services we provide, let’s put a bow on it (Pun intended!)! Our gift wrappers wrap each and every gift with special attention to detail and place a Bering’s sticker on the corner of each! That little sticker is a little extra that is sure to let the person receiving your gift know that you care. If a pretty bow and a Bering’s sticker doesn’t seal the deal – then having one of our Bering’s Hardware vans pull up at your house to be greeted by one of our friendly delivery drivers is sure to put a smile on just about anyone’s face!

berings gift

We hope to see you soon!




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