A Pairing of Truffles & Fine Stationery

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The Truffle Lady, also known as Jeanne Polocheck, is quickly emerging as a name (either one you prefer) to take note of! She is Houston-based; with a wonderful panache for travel and delicious food. In fact, Augie Bering V and wife Mia Bering discovered Jeanne at the Memorial Farmer’s Market and wasted no time bringing her truffle line to Bering’s! Jeanne is the exclusive North American importer of Les Pastras products, which is a French company. Les Pastras offers several options; the truffle oil is the most popular and one that our customers are quickly becoming big fans of.



Jeanne recently organized a dinner prepared by Chef Lauren McMullen at the home of Ruth Gay, owner of Houston’s very own Chateau Domingue. While it is very tempting to go on a big tangent about how much we love Chateau Domingue, we will keep to blog topic and reel it back in with a simple note about what great style Ruth has, and how gracious she and her husband were to host the dinner in their personal residence.

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The truffle themed dinner was divine in every regard! While we wish that we could offer you a bite or two from the evening, we hope you will enjoy some images that were taken featuring Bering’s Stationery!

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Les Pastras can be purchased online at Berings.com by clicking here! You can also shop the amazing truffle oil at either Bering’s store location. (Just be warned that you will be hooked!)



Thanks to Bering’s Stationer, Kristin Young for creating the gorgeous Crane & Co. menu cards!

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