Father’s Day Special: The Bering’s Way. A family tradition, a Texas institution.

Augie V and Augie IV

There are so many reasons to celebrate this Sunday. …Yes, it is Father’s Day! Father’s Day means so much to so many people. However, most of us agree that Father’s Day means the day in which you celebrate your father’s endless efforts for everything he has done for you and your family. It is a day to say, “Thank you for being there, Dad!”

Fathers are important in the lives of so many. From father & daughter dynamics to father & son legacies, they are all so very special. As many of you know Bering’s Hardware remains a family owned business. You may or may not also know that Bering’s has always been run by a father and son team. From the founding father of Bering’s Hardware, August Bering, Sr. to the current president, Augie Bering, V – roots run deep in Texas, where Houston’s first lumber company was founded as, A. Bering and Bro. in 1854.

Today Augie Bering, IV, who is the chairman and CEO and his son Augie V, who is the president, continue to run Bering’s Hardware. Augie Bering, IV, and his wife Bonnie have two children, Augie V, Heather, and five grandchildren. Here is a picture of Augie IV, Augie V and son, Weston Bering.

Three Bering Generations
Augie, IV, joined Bering’s in August of 1965 after attending Texas A & M University and serving in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.  He was promoted to CEO in 1990 when his father retired after 50 years. In 2002, Augie IV became the sole owner of Bering’s after acquiring the remaining family interest. The company operates 2 stores in Houston, Texas.

While Father’s Day wasn’t officially recognized as a holiday until 1972, fathers have always held an extremely important role in families. We at Bering’s are honored that over the years the father and son duos have proven to be a wonderful recipe for what has become a true Houston treasure, in Bering’s Hardware.

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