Like Mother Made It…

Bering’s guest blog post by Executive Chef Reggie Martin, Lemond Kitchen

Reginald PhotoCooking for me was just a way of life growing up in Houston. My family loved to get together after church, for birthday celebrations, and every holiday. Mother’s Day was, without a doubt, the most important holiday after Christmas! This was the day to honor the moms in our family, but most importantly, “Mother Lemond” or just “Mother” to all her children, grand and great-grand children. Mother, my maternal grandmother, started a catering company in the 1950’s. She took great pride in serving her customers and making their events exquisite. Mother’s Day was a chance for her to take a break along with all the other mothers in the family. The kitchen was off limits to them. Their only tasks for the day was to sit back and relax and allow the children to prepare the meal. Cooking on Mother’s Day became somewhat of a competition among family members. This was our chance to showcase our culinary talents and traditions that had been passed down for many generations.

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lecreuset_longmontAn array of cast-iron pots were standard at Mother’s house. We used these unique pots to cook rice, vegetables, and to roast meats. Gumbo was present at every Sunday dinner, no matter the menu and what else was served. The Gumbo pot was always the largest pot on the stove. I love to cook in cast-iron. You can achieve great color on a game hen or chicken, and then use the drippings or roux to make an excellent pan gravy. We always served from the cast-iron pots, because they retained heat so well. Stewed okra and sausage remain a staple in our home and one of my favorite dishes to cook. This one-pot wonder is always served with hot steamed rice.

1I4A4520The China cabinet held a special place in our heart and home. Mother only allowed food to be served on china plates and bowls. Paper plates did not meet her standards. However, on Mother’s Day it was something special to take out her best china and set the table for the entire family. I enjoyed making Mother’s famous coleslaw. It was a simple delicious dish of fresh cabbage, vinegar, oil, salt pepper and a hint of sugar. This dish was always presented on one of her many china presentation trays. Mother acquired many fine pieces of china over the years for her catering company. To this day, I love the challenge of trying to shred the cabbage as fine as she did for my family to eat.

Plate RackThe most important part for me growing up in the Lemond family was spending relaxed and cherished time with the matriarch of our family, “Mother”. She is no longer with us, but the spirit of those grand Sunday dinners lives on. I try to incorporate that spirit in every dish I prepare. I invite you to share the joy of cooking with your family. So cook something special for your wife, mother, or grandmother this Mother’s day and create your own lasting memories.

0124.11_Ju;liska_CasseroleWe invite you to share your Bering’s Family Moment this Mother’s Day.

reginald and his son
*Chef Reginald with his adorable son Chris!

*Lemond Kitchen Louisiana Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce is now available at Bering’s on Bissonnet.

Join Chef Reggie for a special Mother’s Day cooking demonstration at Bering’s 3900 Bissonnet store location, May 2, from 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. He will share some great family recipes from his own family’s holiday meals including their famous Louisiana Bread Pudding!

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