Take the “hard” out of cleaning your hardwood floors!

Kitchen & Bath Care Kitchen & Bath Care
While housekeeping might not be what most people think of as "fun", it can be a little less work with proper cleaning supplies such as Sheila Shine, Arm & Hammer and Bar Keepers Friend. Bering's offers a complete range including floor cleaners for granite, marble and hardwood floors.
Silver Care Silver Care
Keeping your silver polished is easier with our complete line of specially formulated products for silver care. With leading brands such as Goddard's and Hagerty, we understand the need to maintain treasured family heirlooms and can help keep that original fine silver lustre.
Surface Care Surface Care
By surface care we don't only mean the best in cleaning supplies, we also mean the foundation you stand on while working in the kitchen. Bering's is proud to carry floor mats from GelPro, the ultimate anti-fatigue floor mat company. However, while on the topic of surface care, be sure to search our fine selection of cleaners such as Bona and Lavenet Marble Cleaner.
"There is SO much to love!! I love the Jon Hart selection and the stationery. But really I love everything about Bering's!!"
Dana C.
"I can find almost any kind of cleansers, pots pans, clothes for my grandchildren, purses, luggage, dishes, glasses, nails, hammers, invitations, cards, candy and a wonderful free cup of coffee or two."
Jayne V.

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