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Electrical & Plumbing Electrical & Plumbing
Bering's has everything you need to get the job done. We even have 3M air filters in every size imaginable. To help reduce the amount of airborne particles, it's important to use high-efficiency air filters or a room air purifier. While picking up some air filters, make sure to check out our fans and fan pulls.
Tools & Gadgets Tools & Gadgets
From Swiss Army knives to step ladders and drills, look no further. We have all of your tools & gadgets covered and then some! Click here for a vast selection of tools & gadgets for all of your indoor and outdoor home needs.
Weather Emergency Weather Emergency
Stay ahead of the game by having everything ready in case of an emergency. Whether in your home or car, keep an emergency kit within easy reach and check it periodically to ensure nothing essential is missing. It's also good planning to have a Yeti Cooler as well as flashlights and batteries should you have to go hours or days without power.
"There is SO much to love!! I love the Jon Hart selection and the stationery. But really I love everything about Bering's!!"
Dana C.
"I can find almost any kind of cleansers, pots pans, clothes for my grandchildren, purses, luggage, dishes, glasses, nails, hammers, invitations, cards, candy and a wonderful free cup of coffee or two."
Jayne V.

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