Bering’s Bridal Feature: Lauren Byrd & Kyle Bosse


profilesWith so many lovely couples registering at our store, you might think that after a while our bridal registry team could possibly get used to a “drumbeat” of the expected. This couldn’t be further from the truth! There are few things as refreshing and uplifting as a newly engaged couple coming in to look at their registry and stationery options. Lauren Byrd and Kyle Bosse were, and continue to be no exception! They are a genuinely incredible couple and are so pleasant to work with. From our Gift Shop to our Grilling Department, we had a blast assisting Lauren and Kyle find exactly the right items to get them to the start of happily ever after!


Enough about how impressed we are with Lauren and Kyle! We hope you’ll enjoy hearing about the couple and viewing their gorgeous registry as much as we continue working with them.

While Lauren Byrd might have grown up in Houston, her feet are currently planted in Fort Worth with her fiancé, Kyle Bosse. Kyle grew up in Bellville, and the two both ended up in Fort Worth after college. Lauren went to TCU and Kyle went to Texas. Aren’t their baby pictures beyond adorable?!!!

laurenbabypicLauren Byrd kylebabypic littlekylehunting

We are certain Lauren and Kyle were destined to meet; it was only a matter of time! The couple was introduced by their mutual friends as a “possible match.” After joining their friends for a little happy hour, a couple of cocktails turned into a casual but memorable dinner. Lauren added, “It’s a blessing to have friends that know you well enough to help you find your match.” …Cheers to that!


Two years after meeting, Kyle knew he had found forever! According to Lauren, “Kyle nonchalantly told her they had dinner plans in Dallas with his parents who had purchased a night-stay and dinner at a charity auction a few weeks prior.” Lauren added, “I gave no second thought to this and marked my calendar!” That week, Kyle informed her that his parents were no longer able to come in to town, but that they could use the dinner reservation and invite another couple.

The wife of the couple that they “invited” to join them (who was pregnant at the time), just happened to be Kyle’s accomplice – helping to execute his plan! About 30 minutes before dinner, Kyle received a call from her husband stating she was “sick” and that they unfortunately would be unable to join them for dinner. Still not assuming anything was out of the ordinary, Lauren was sorry to hear that they wouldn’t be joining them, but was looking forward to a wonderful dinner at The French Room in the Adolphus Hotel.

Once Lauren and Kyle arrived, the restaurant had a table set for the couple with a card and bottle of wine already waiting on the table. [The bottle of wine called “Rocket Science” would later be used as Kyle’s proposal tactic.] The card read “Mr. Bosse” on the front and was a little confusing to Lauren as she wasn’t sure of its purpose. Kyle opened the card and smiled, but told Lauren that she could read it later.

Lauren still having no idea what was about to happen, joined Kyle in looking through the menu for some appetizers to share. While reviewing the appetizers, Kyle began to describe the history of the restaurant, making sure that she was pleased with everything. Kyle then grabbed her hand and said, “The truth is Tarin (their friend) isn’t sick, I wanted this evening to be perfect…” Kyle got down on one knee and said “I love you Lauren and want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you be my wife?” (…Yes, it is okay to grab a Kleenex about right now!) Lauren said, “It was such a wonderful moment and the most surprised I have ever been.” Kyle then showed her the card which read “So glad you made the right choice, you know it’s not rocket science!” Well done, Mr. Bosse!!

The proposal

Lauren exuberantly volunteered the fact that after saying yes, she immediately began the 21 questions of how Kyle had gotten his master plan to work and how she had ‘NO’ idea!! She then went to the hotel lobby to call her family who already knew the plan and were awaiting her phone call. They told Lauren that they were coming up to Fort Worth the next day to celebrate with the two of them and to enjoy their evening!


After one of the best meals Lauren and Kyle had ever shared, the couple that Kyle had “planned” to eat with them met them in the hotel lobby to take pictures of their unforgettable night. They greeted the newly engaged couple with flowers and champagne to toast their future together. The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating with their family and friends!


It is hard to maintain the excitement of their engagement story, but we will give it our best shot! Lauren and Kyle have set their wedding date for February 28, 2015! The two will be married in Houston, at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, with the reception at River Oaks Country Club to immediately follow. Their pastor in Fort Worth will be the presiding officiate of the wedding ceremony.

The couple has selected blues, greens, corals, white and gold as their wedding colors – all of which sound absolutely gorgeous together!!

If you are familiar with our bridal blog post features, then you know that we are always curious as to why the couple decided to register with us. Lauren said, “I grew up going to Bering’s and there is nothing quite like it! The incredible variety at Bering’s makes it a great place to register because you don’t feel limited to selections in just one kitchen and tableware, but there’s something for every area of your home. For example, Bering’s has a great selection of furniture, home décor and entertaining pieces that I have my eye on!” Lauren, we appreciate your quote and are honored you and Kyle registered with us. Thanks!

Lauren then added, “I really love the inventory of china to everyday cookware and even the larger items like the Big Green Egg. Terry in the Gift Shop was a ‘HUGE’ help assisting me with mixing the different patterns that I loved and truly making the registration process enjoyable and not overwhelming.” …Another thanks, Lauren! …and Terry, kudos on helping!!

As tempting as it is to jump right in and share the beautiful registry items the couple has selected, we know that you’ll be equally delighted to see their stationery selections from our stationery department!

The couple selected a Simple Elegance Wedding Album. Their actual wedding album is still on order, but it is sure to be beautiful!

Don’t you love their classic ecru letter pressed and monogrammed thank you cards?! The couple decided to abide by Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette and have “Lauren and Kyle” on the front of their pre-nuptial thank you cards for joint notes of thanks and Lauren’s initials for her individual notes of gratitude.

L&K_2Bering's Stationery

It is fun to note that Lauren’s initials will not be changing! While she plans on taking Kyle’s last name, she can keep the monogrammed keepsakes she grew up with and hold them as her new married initials too!

To round out their wedding stationery selection, the couple selected monogrammed party napkins!

Okay, we know you’ve been dying to get to the tabletop registry items!!! GET ready to be dazzled! …Lauren grew up with a mother who collected Herend, and so it was only natural for her to be drawn to the hand painted pieces! She did not, however, register for a silver pattern because she is excitedly inheriting her maternal grandmother’s silver! …We love when patterns are passed down. It is so special and extremely meaningful.

Here are some pictures from the couple’s registry experience at Bering’s!

laurenandkyleregisteringDon’t you love their place settings?! Lauren and Kyle will be mixing and matching their Herend and Mottahedeh pieces for their formal place settings. It is just gorgeous!

Mottahedeh, Tobacco Leaf, William YeowardherendtabletoplaurenHere is the couple’s everyday place setting. We love Juliska’s Berry & Thread pattern!


Kyle also made it a point to register for some outdoor essentials! Big Green Egg anyone?!

Big Green Egg at Bering's

As amazing as their wedding is sure to be, their honeymoon is going to be equally incredible! Lauren and Kyle will be honeymooning in Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica. We are sure it will be a blast!

In addition to Lauren’s kind words about our Bridal Consultant, Terry; she also wanted to express her gratitude to Sydney Mafrige, from Keely Thorne Events. Sydney is the couple’s wedding planner and according to Lauren, “She has been an amazing part of the wedding process – especially living out of town!”

To view Lauren and Kyle’s registry, please click on the link below:

From everyone at Bering’s, wedding blessings to a truly spectacular couple!

Wedding fun,




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