Best Friends make the best couples!


SUJEY AND ROSS DOCTOROFFWhen Sujey went to Anytown Camp, back in the 90’s, the summer after freshman year, she had no idea she’d meet life-long friends, including Lee Doctoroff, Ross’ brother. Her friendship with Lee bloomed into a strong bond with the entire Doctoroff family.

Ross moved to Houston from Austin shortly after Sujey moved to Houston from San Antonio. Countless runs at Memorial Park (they trained for the Houston half marathon together), margaritas at Lupe Tortilla on Kirby, and even a few trips to the ER (Sujey is rather accident prone), they learned to rely on each other as dear friends.

March of 2014, Sujey was invited to the wedding of one of her former students. She needed a date and wondered if Ross might be willing to come along. Begrudgingly, because he’d have to get dressed up, but excited, because there would be an open bar, Ross agreed. The wine ninjas at the reception did not disappoint! Sujey and Ross danced the night away! Love bloomed and the two have been inseparable ever since.

With over 20 years of friendship before their relationship turned romantic, we are so happy for Bering’s Bride & Groom, Sujey and Ross!

The two are set to be married on August 1st at Cristo Rey Jesuit with the reception immediately following! The Center for Mission and Ministry at Cristo Rey Jesuit holds a great deal of sentimental value to Sujey because she had a running joke with Fr. TJ Martinez, SJ. For years, Sujey would ask Fr. Martinez to pray for a boyfriend. Fr. Martinez, always the negotiator, would incentivize Sujey by saying, “Deliver the class, and I’ll deliver the man!” (Sujey was in charge of admissions.) Father Martinez held all employees to a high standard, so the task was a tall order! Admittedly, it was a tough ask for Fr. Martinez, too! Fr. Martinez fell ill during Sujey’s last year at Cristo Rey Jesuit. Thankfully, Sujey had the chance to tell him that she had found the love of her life when she and Ross started dating! In typical TJ fashion, his response was, “I told you! I make good on my promises!”

the wedding

Sujey and Ross, we are honored that you two chose to do your wedding invitations with Bering’s Stationery and couldn’t be more excited about your happily ever after!

SUJEY final invite

The navy, gold and ecru invitations with navy lined envelopes have set the stage for these best friend’s best journey yet, together.

Wedding fun!


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