Five Helpful Wedding Tips!

It is wedding season, and from the guests to the bride & groom we have a few tidbits that we hope will prove helpful. Given our wide range of merchandise, we are fortunate enough to be a part of some truly special weddings and for the most part there are commonalities that can be gleaned. For starters, “What to buy for a wedding gift?” While we don’t claim our wedding list is right for everyone, it is reflective of the majority of weddings we are a part of.

Bering's Bridal Registry
Let’s get started!

1.    What to buy the couple? We hear this question a lot! Even if the couple has registered, guests still question what to buy from the registry. Our suggestion is to purchase something non-essential. This might sound odd, but it is far more exciting to receive a piece of crystal or a beautiful plate – or even a YETI Cooler, than a cutting board. The other reason to purchase a piece of the couple’s place setting is to help finish it out – one plate at a time.

Bering's Bridal Registry
2.    Did the couple receive our gift from their registry? Once again, we receive many calls about this. It is a fair question, and we are always happy to look into the order. The primary reason why guests ask this question is because the ever important thank you note is not written! Brides and grooms please remember to take a few minutes to write a thank you card, guests really do appreciate hearing from you.

Bering's Hardware Statonery Letter Press
3.    What should we register for? We suggest taking your time as a couple and registering for a range of price points that all of your guests will be comfortable with. When it comes to a china pattern, if you are unsure about a china pattern, register for one along with gift cards and take your time deciding.

4.    How does the registry process work? We suggest scheduling a meeting with a gift shop specialist to kick-off your registry. They will show you how to use the registry gun and help you narrow down your registry options.

5.    How long does it take to have programs printed? We suggest giving us 3 weeks. Another note here is to be sure and know how many guests you will be inviting. This helps with invitations, thank you cards and so much more!!

This is a short list, but important nonetheless! We’ve probably opened a can of worms with these questions, but we are sure you get the point! A little planning and follow through goes a long way when it comes to all things WEDDING!

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