Memorable Mother’s Day Gifts!

Herend FigurineWhile a gift is only a material way of letting your mother know how much you appreciate her; the thought behind the gift is priceless.

If you need a little help narrowing down the many options for your mother on Mother’s Day, then we hope this blog post will help! While mothers have been around since the beginning of time, you might be surprised to know that Americans didn’t officially celebrate Mother’s Day until 1914. President Woodrow Wilson made it an official holiday. Would you believe it was made official five years before women could vote?! Needless to say, there should not have to be a declared holiday to let your mother know you care about and appreciate her; however, at least one day a year we should all tip our hats a bit further to the women who made us and helped shape who we are today.

There is not a gift too big or too small to celebrate your mother this year. From small and thoughtful to a bit more grand and eye catching, we have compiled our favorite gifts to make May 13, 2012 the most memorable yet.

Bering’s Top Mother’s Day Gifts (in no certain order):

Number one might not be what you would consider memorable, or perhaps even thoughtful.The Famous Bering's Gift Card However, a heartfelt card or handwritten note to your mother definitely is! A Bering’s Gift Card is what we believe your mother will consider as the icing on the cake! Click here for a Bering’s gift card.

We all know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We just happen to agree with the saying and love the idea of celebrating Mother’s Day by giving your mother a framed picture of a special time together. Pictures are like songs, they can take you back to a moment in time- and that makes a memorable gift! Here are some of our favorite frames.Reed and Barton Silverplate Frame

Our next suggested gift is simply beautiful, and even more so, when you fill it with your mother’s favorite flowers. We have some truly amazing vases to choose from, and while flowers won’t last very long, a quality vase will. Here are some great vases to consider.Michael Aram Wisteria Vase

Moving on to another one of our favorite items to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day, we just love all things Herend. Just like no two mothers are alike, no two Herend figurines are alike- as they are hand painted and truly special little pieces of art. While we have some beautiful options online, there are even more to choose from at either of our two locations. Here is a link to some Herend pieces to help get you started.

Fragrant Bath Products at berings.comWe couldn’t possibly leave off our next Mother’s Day gift pick! Bath & body soaps, lotions and cuddly robes are always a sure way to let your mother know she deserves to pamper herself and take a load off. Here are some luxurious bath & body options to choose from.


Peace Meals, from the Junior League of HoustonIf you are guilty of ever saying, “It doesn’t taste like my mother’s…”- then odds are your mother is an amazing cook! While she might have too many recipes committed to memory to cook in a lifetime, she might also like a new cookbook. She will probably be even more excited about the cookbook knowing you picked it out. After all, it was you she cooked for, for so many years! Please click here for a great selection of cookbooks.

Just like the aforementioned sentiment of a picture or a song taking you back- so does a scent! Not only does a scent take you back, but the light and warmth of a candle also warms up a room and makes it feel cozy and inviting. Shine a little light for your mother this Mother’s Day with an aromatic candle. Here are some of our favorites.

Fragrant candle from Berings.comIf you are scratching your head right now because you like our suggestions, but still aren’t sure- then might we suggest some Bering’s coffee? If you grew up with your mother starting her day with a cup of coffee, then we are pretty sure she will love one (or more) of our many flavorful brews. Would you believe one Bering’s customer actually told me that the Rainforest Blend coffee would actually change my life? …While I am not sure if it changed my life, I will say that I am hooked on the blend. Try picking out a few blends for your mother and making a little gift basket. While our coffee is not Folgers, we think it is one of the best parts of waking up! Click here for some delicious coffee brews.

From teaching you your ABC’s to being there to watch you walk across the stage at graduation, mothers are the keystone of our family. Let’s recognize them this May 13th on Mother’s Day by letting them know we appreciate all they have done. We hope you and your family have a wonderfully special Mother’s Day!

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