Stocking Stuffers and Gifts for HIM!

Don’t blink or you’ll miss them! Yes, we are talking about the holidays. Once the school year begins the holidays pop up right after and while some of us are amazing planners and are sipping eggnog and caroling right now, we know there are others that are far from completing their Christmas list – especially when it comes to gifts for him! The good news is that we have some exciting gift options that are sure to make even the hardest to buy for guy on your list smile!

Stocking Stuffers for Him:

Jack Black shave cream is a must for the manly man on your list! Even the most discerning man will be a fan of this shave cream.

Jack Black

Crane stationery is the gold standard in fine stationery. While the aesthetics are enough to purchase these cards, you won’t fully appreciate the quality until you touch the paper. Initial cards are great stuffers and are very practical for the occasional handwritten note!

Crane Stationery

Redline flashlights are always a bright idea! Who doesn’t need another flashlight? Redline flashlights are not so basic; don’t let their small size full you. The light projection can be widened or narrowed; it can also be set to blink at two different speeds, and also happens to be magnetic!

Redline FlashlightsTools make so much sense and are not only a safe bet, but a smart one too. This Stanley screwdriver combo is beyond functional and makes for ease of use having all of the tips cased together. And we all know Stanley is synonymous with quality that is made to last!

Stanley Screwdriver

“Oooh, la, la” is what he will say after waking up to the aroma of our Bering’s coffee! Our Bering’s brew is not only aromatic but is the most flavorful coffee you’ll ever taste. We encourage you to taste the difference for yourself, and you’ll want to share it with others. …So put a bow on it!


Here is a final stocking stuffer item that is just C O O L! Sasquatch Soap comes in a range of fragrances and has great suds. We love the packaging and are sure he will appreciate the humor the aptly featured Sasquatch brings to what is generally thought of as pretty boring. Sasquatch soap is anything but boring! Lather up!


Now that you have a good start to his stocking, let’s discuss gifts for him!

We are huge fans of a new line of coolers! Yes, you heard us right. We still love our YETI Coolers, but there is enough love to go around. Check out Pelican Coolers. If Pelican sounds familiar, it should! Pelican has been around for years making sophisticated quality cases for cameras. They are durable and keep your beverages and food cool for a loooonnnnngggg time!

Pelican Coolers

And since we just mentioned YETI Coolers, let’s cover our bases and remind you about the new YETI Tank! No backyard party/get together is complete without one and believe us when we say he will agree.

Yeti Tank

WhiteWing Label luggage is the perfect blend of rugged sophistication for the manliest of men. If you are worried about placing your order in time for Christmas, we assure you that he will be happy knowing it is on order. We also have slick little gift cards WhiteWing Founder, Blake, has prepared for this very reason. The cards provide for something to be wrapped up or to be placed in a card, so go ahead and place an order for him! From shell belts to luggage and more, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the sophisticated tailoring and style with a personalized touch of his monogram. And while on the theme of “cool gifts” WhiteWing Label is beyond cool given that it is made in Eden, Texas.  #shopsmall

White Wing Label

We just mentioned two of our favorite coolers, so let’s be fair and mention another one of our favorite luggage lines – Jon Hart! It too is made in Texas, San Antonio to be exact. Jon Hart is tried and true and a classic that is sure to bring a smile to his face.

Jon Hart

Last but not least… You’ll love this gift as much as him once you’ve sampled the Big Green Egg goodness! Yes, knock his gift out of the park by giving him what he really wants, a Big Green Egg!

Big Green EggIf you are still scratching your head because none of these gifts are what you have in mind, then we hope you’ll come see us for even more options!

Merry Christmas!





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