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Chef B’s Kitchen Essentials Cooking Class

  • 6102 Westheimer

Please join us for Bering’s Culinary Class with Chef Bernard, Zwilling’s Executive Chef.

During this class, Chef Bernard Janssen will cook three dishes and review fifteen Zwilling kitchen essentials, from cutlery to cookware, tools, and electrics. Each student will learn how to choose cookware for specific dishes, the ins and outs of cooking in Staub Cast Iron, how to sear fish and perfect the beautiful golden crust. Chef B will review features and benefits of sous vide cooking and several other Zwilling product lines. He will teach the secrets on food prep and ways to reduce food waste using Zwilling Fresh & Save.

Prepare to awaken your taste buds with the first course featuring perfectly seared halibut served with a parsley shallot sauce. This dish is accompanied by braised leeks and a crispy leek garnish, adding layers of texture and flavor to each bite.

Next, Chef B will guide you through the art of cooking a succulent sous vide chicken supreme. Served over a green veggie couscous, this dish combines tender and juicy chicken with a colorful assortment of green vegetables. A drizzle of a smoked yellow tomato sauce elevates the flavors, creating a delightful aromatic touch.

For the grand finale, Chef B will make a basil marinated red berry salad, topped with a delicious Prosecco sabayon sauce and a Dutch almond cookie crunch. The combination of sweet and tangy berries, fluffy sauce, and refreshing basil creates a harmonious blend of flavors that will leave you wanting more.

Each student receives a FREE 2PC Rectangular Baking Dish Set in White. Retail price $89.99

Register today to reserve your spot! Spaces are limited and will sell out.

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