Pet Factory Beefhide Dog Bones 4-5″ 8 Pack

Pet Factory Beefhide Dog Bones 4-5" 8 Pack

Pet Factory Beefhide Dog Bones 4-5″ 8 Pack

SKU 78114 $23.99

Pet Factory Beefhide Dog Bones 4-5″ 8 Pack, 99% Digestible Rawhide Treats, 100% Natural Rawhide Knotted Bones, Natural Flavor, Resealable Package, Made in USA.EXCLUSIVE DOG CHEWS – Pet Factory Beefhide is 100% made in USA product. Beefhide Bones are totally natural and very nutritious dog chews. These chews are easily digestible and very gentle for sensitive stomachs. This low-calorie treat contains protein and fiber which is best for dog’s behavioral and oral health. ✓BEEFHIDE BONES TO KEEP DOGS BUSY AND ENJOYING – These Pet Factory 78114 Beefhide Bones are healthy, delicious and digestive. These Rawhide chews will keep your dog busy. They are made out of totally natural material making them digestible. They are the best alternative to any other similar pet chews. ✓MADE OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Natural Flavored Beefhide Bone chews are a treat for the dogs. The Beefhide is a quality product; a strict GFSI food quality standard is followed in manufacturing. Beefhide chews provide unsurpassed quality. Beefhide chews contain unmatched quality thicker fibers that result into longer lasting chews. The Beefhide Bones do not contain any artificial ingredients and chemicals, as well as any preservatives. ✓MAINTAINS DOGS’ HEALTH – Safe, natural and certified product helps your dog in improving dental health through scraping away the plaque, controls tartar build-up and maintains gum health. Beefhide chews also meet the purpose of satisfying dog’s innate chewing urge. ✓YOUR PIECE OF MIND – This is a highly nutritious product for the dogs that can provide many hours of chewing experience and entertainment for your dog. These chip are natural flavored and keeps your dog busy chewing the rawhide treat and you are sure to not get disturbed by your dog’s activities if they are kept ideal. Since these Beefhide Chip chews are made out of natural ingredients they are absolutely safe to be used both indoors and outdoors.

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