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Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you… We are familiar with the song, but for one of our Bering’s employees her love at first sight truly was her fairytale come true, and we are so excited for her! Julia Clark is not just an amazing bridal registry consultant at Bering’s; she is also a Bering’s Bride! While we admit to being a bit biased at how much we adore her love story, we are pretty sure you will find that this post couldn’t be timed any better than to post it the week of Valentine’s.


Julia grew up in Beaufort, South Carolina and met her now fiancé, Charles Cannon, while he was stationed at Parris Island, SC. Julia was out with a friend where a favorite local rock band was playing, and she saw Charles and thought he was the “dreamiest” guy in the room. Julia confessed that, “If I believed in love at first sight then that was definitely it!” While she was sure that Charles saw her too, the night ended without an opportunity to speak to one another.


About a month later, on Friday, March 13, 2009, they ran into each other again at the very same place!  She saw him and immediately recognized him, but was too shy to go up and talk to him. Julia was out on the patio with her friend when Charles approached asked if he could have a light.


Two short weeks later Charles took Julia out for a romantic dinner for her birthday where they started to get to know one another better. Over the next few months they became much closer. Julia said that Charles was up front with her when they met about the fact he would be getting out of the Marine Corps later that year, and planned to move back to Texas to go to school. (Charles is from Texas.)  When we first met it was very casual and we were just going with the flow, enjoying getting to know one another, but their love was growing. As the day Charles would be leaving steadily approached, he finally popped the question to Julia, “Will you come with me to Texas?” She said she was shocked at first which is probably part of the reason why she initially told Charles she could not move to Texas.


However, they continued to see each other and Julia thought about the possibility of moving a bit more. The fact that Charles asked her to move with him meant a lot to Julia, and she knew he was genuine. She decided to take the leap, a mere month or so before he was scheduled to move. Charles found an apartment on Law St (right behind the Bering’s Bissonnet location) which was dog friendly, since Julia was moving out with Maverick (her Great Dane) three weeks after him.

Charles started school at The University of Houston in 2009 and decided to major in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the Hilton College, with a minor in Wine and Spirits. Charles’ dream is to own and manage his own brewpub someday.  He graduated in 2013 with his Bachelor’s degree.  In January this year 2014 he started interning at 8th Wonder Brewery, offered to him by one of his professors at UH.  He was hired full time at 8th Wonder in June. Julia added that, “He is very driven and passionate about what he wants to do!”

On the eve of their five year anniversary Charles was working, so Julia assumed they would enjoy lunch or something casual to celebrate. Julia arrived home from work on March 12th and Charles told her to get ready to go out to dinner. (Charles knows that Julia loves surprises!)  On their way to dinner, it briefly crossed her mind that this was a big milestone for them and perhaps maybe he had something up his sleeve…..but she quickly let it go and decided to relax and have a good time! They enjoyed dinner at Prego, where Charles ordered a bottle of a 2009 Italian vintage, to honor the year they met! After dinner they went to Hans’ Bier Haus, one of their favorite spots to grab a craft beer.

Charles had planned to hang out and play some music on the jukebox (some songs to reminisce of when they met) and wait till midnight so it would officially be their anniversary when he popped the big question.  But upon arriving at Hans’ they discovered it was comedy open mic night!  Oops.  Charles decided to go ahead and ask the question sooner rather than later.  They were hanging out on their patio in the Bier garden, and he looked at Julia and asked her for a light. (Like when they first met.) She reached into her purse pocket and fumbled to find her small lighter. As she brought her lighter out he was already on one knee with an odd expression of frustration on his face. He reached back into her purse pocket and pulled out the ring and asked Julia to marry him!  She said that while she was once again in shock she managed to give him an emphatic yes!  …Turns out Charles had tied the ring to her lighter earlier in the evening and then put it back in when she was distracted.  However, when she fumbled around trying to find the lighter she knocked the ring off!

Don’t you love their fairytale story?! Not everyone can say they experienced love at first sight, but Julia can! When we asked her about why she and Charles decided to register at Bering’s, she simply said, “I know Bering’s has everything I need! …Thanks, Julia and Charles!

It is even more exciting seeing what a Bering’s Bridal Consultant registers for! Since Charles is so passionate about beer and wine you will probably notice some bar items on their registry! And since they love tasting new wines, they opted to go with Riedel crystal instead of a cut crystal since you really get the most out of wine tasting if you have the right glass!

The couple’s china selections do not have any family significance. Since Julia started working at Bering’s she said that she has always loved the Herend china, and has already started to acquire some pieces of their pattern, Princess Victoria. Julia added that she has always loved green (She wrote a color theory paper on green while taking art classes.) because it is the color of nature and life. Don’t you love their formal china?!


Julia Clark at Herend Artist Event

Their everyday china is equally classic and gorgeous. Julia said that she loves the simplicity and old world feel of the Quotidien pattern by Juliska.


Juliajulias juliskaAnd if you aren’t already completely blown away by their romantic story and gorgeous china then you will be once you take a look at their custom invitations that were created at Bering’s!

JuliaWeddingInvitationJulia actually drew the art for their invitation and every detail is symbolic down to the roots! The lone star, blue bonnets and yellow roses are symbolic of Charles’ home state, as well as the first flowers he gave her. She also included Hops because he loves beer! Her side of the invitation is inspired by state she grew up in, South Carolina, with the Jessamine and palmetto flowers, passion flowers, the crescent moon and more! The roots are to symbolic for their future and the path they are about to set out on together.

Since their wedding and reception will be at Magnolia Gardens Park, Julia’s mother painted their extremely special enclosure card. Just gorgeous!


Julia and Charles’ wedding date is Friday, March 13, 2015.  Six years from the official day they met! Charles had the idea to get married on their anniversary of meeting, and Julia loves the idea too! She joked that it’s so he won’t have to remember a new anniversary date! …Funny!

As briefly mentioned above, their wedding ceremony and reception will be at Magnolia Gardens Park, right along the banks of the San Jacinto River. So romantic! And since they love camping, they are actually having the option for their guests to stay the night and camp with them and continue the celebration the next day!  Their wedding colors are lavender, yellow, and spring green – lovely! Julia said that she has always loved lavender, and yellow for yellow roses, which were the first flowers Charles surprised her with when they started dating!

Please click here to view even more of their beautiful wedding registry items:

JuliaRegistryCongratulations and wedding blessings from everyone at Bering’s, Julia and Charles!!

–          Bering’s

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