Elegantly Artful Paper Accessories

What if you had a memento from a special occasion that you thought of as an artful accessory? The buzz is out and the accessory of choice for a nice night out, gala or formal is Balushka Paper Floral Artistry corsages and necklaces! In fact, we had a lovely customer visit our Westheimer store location last week to order one of Balushka’s handmade paper corsages to wear to a gala with her Valentino gown!

While Valentino gowns are a definite show-stopper, especially when paired with Houston based Balushka Paper Floral Artistry, we wanted to share some of our favorite images featuring the elegantly artful alternative to live flowers that will truly last for forever.

We have to lead with pictures from a recent high school formal. Two mothers made a special trip to place corsage orders at Bering’s. The order was ready in time for Balushka to give it to one of the mothers at an event we recently hosted, so we were thrilled to get a picture of the exchange!!

Mia Bering and Balushka
Mia Bering and Balushka

Historically speaking we were not the place to go for corsages, however, when it comes to fine stationery and paper we more than have you covered! This now extends to fine handmade paper accessories like the lovely corsage featured above. It is pretty special that Mia and her friend did something a little different when it came to corsages for their son’s dates, and judging by the gorgeous smiles it is probably safe to assume they were a hit!

The beautiful young ladies and their handsome dates were set with the added attention to detail, which are sure to be treasured for years to come.


Such lovely couples!

Winter formals, galas and weddings! Yes, you have to see how great the corsage works as your go-to wedding reception accessory featured on the attendee below on the right.

IMG_3073_1As much as we love Balushka Paper Floral Artistry’s corsages, it goes without saying just how beautiful the mother-of-the-bride (not wearing the corsage) looks! Melinda Byrd’s daughter, Lauren Byrd, was married two weeks ago! Congrats on your daughter’s wedding, Melinda! (A Bering’s Bride!!)

Corsages are classic and so are the equally incredible necklaces Balushka handcrafts. The pieces have a fun energy about them that you almost have to see in person to fully appreciate. Here is a picture of Houston based, Balushka with Sunday Beach Blog founder, Lauren Mills! …And wouldn’t you know it, that gorgeous wall of flowers the two are standing in front of was also made by Balushka!!

Balushka and Lauren Mills
Balushka and Lauren Mills

We will leave you with a few more necklaces currently on our wish list, as well as some pretty home décor and tabletop options – all available at Bering’s!

IMAG3620 IMAG3692

These napkin rings are a must-see in our gift shop!

_MG_7966-20150304-19480916 IMAG3694

Visit either Bering’s location for many more Balushka Paper Floral Artistry options, or click here to view our online accessories and collages: http://www.berings.com/Search.aspx?&k=balushka



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