Holiday Gifts for the Little One(s)

The holiday season is here and while the true reason for the season is not about presents for one another, thoughtful gifts are one way to serve as a reminder! With so many little babies making their debut in all our families, we thought we’d explore some gift ideas to start their first Christmas off with an added loving sussy! (Sussy, aka keepsake)

What do you buy a baby under 1, 2, 3 and so on?! While many toy manufacturers are clever enough to prominently place the age appropriateness on the packaging, you might feel compelled to give a toy alternative. Starting traditions are extremely meaningful, so here are some options to consider in lieu or in addition to a doll, army action figure, etc.:

Herend Figurines:

If you aren’t familiar with these little hand painted lovelies, then we are glad you are reading this post! Herend is widely known for their amazing fine china, as well as their popular figurines. From cats to birds and so many more options, the little boy or girl in your life will love the figurines for years and years! The best part is that they are truly heirloom pieces that can be passed down for generations. If you are unsure about these being suitable for either gender, then we want  to be sure and point out that there are several color options from pink, blue, yellow, green, black, brown and more! Pairing them in a little cluster is a great way to decorate too.

Herend Figurines at Bering's

Limoges boxes:

These sweet little boxes are also hand painted and beyond beautiful (and masculine depending on the piece)! Yes, these two are great for both little boys and girls. We suggest making your list and adding these! Not only are there Limoges boxes for all occasions from hunting, baby, and more – they are timeless! These too are adorable in groupings. Giving one for Christmas or a birthday gift every year is a great way to start a collection or grouping. Should you decide to give these as a gift to that special little one; the hardest part will be deciding which one to purchase!

Limoges at Bering's

A piece of silver:

Admittedly, this wouldn’t have been on our radar to “serve” up as an option, but a loyal customer alerted us to a tradition she has started for her daughter, and well – we think it could be good for sons too! A piece of silver, as in a spoon, fork, knife, etc. is exactly what we have in mind here.  Silver place settings are not so pocket-friendly which is exactly why giving a piece or one 5 piece setting every year makes sense and it will also save you some cents long term! Yes, these gorgeous utensils go up in price every year which is great for holding their value, but makes it increasingly harder to justify making the purchase – especially all at once! A note to consider, just like the first two Herend and Limoges options, these too make excellent heirloom gifts that will be treasured from generation-to-generation!

Gorham Valcourt at Bering's HardwareA Radko ornament:

So many of us are familiar with this option, and for good reason! What better way to commemorate each Christmas than with an ornament?! The added beauty of this option is that even if you haven’t already started this tradition, or are unfamiliar with Radko, this holiday season is a great time to kick-off the tradition. While any ornament works, not just any ornament is hand crafted with precision and care. We love Radko and are sure you will too. And wouldn’t you know it; we have a Radko Artist Event coming up! Here is some information about it:

Radko Artist Event at Bering's

Personal stationery:

You might be asking yourself how this gift, or tradition, makes since to start for a baby? It makes so much sense and here is why! Odds are your little one(s) receive gifts for their birthday, the holidays, baptism, etc. While proper etiquette states that until the child is old enough to write their own thank you card, the personal stationery should be the person’s writing the note; more and more parents prefer writing the note on their little one’s behalf on personal stationery with their children’s name or monogram. The decision is as personal as personal stationery! As our very own Bering’s Stationer, Ben Whitley, says, “Say it on paper!” An added touch to this gift option is that it requires a bit more planning to place your order and receive it back in time. The added personalization will not go unnoticed!


From hand painted figurines to personalized stationery and more, toys might be a “safe” bet, but a keepsake or personalized gift is something that will be special long after they outgrow the toy of the month!

Happy Holidays!


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