The Smell of Success

When Phia founder and formulator, Michelle Roark, was training for her long-awaited Olympic debut in 2006, her coach suggested she visualize her success on the slopes by using all five senses. “I could hear success. See it. Touch it. Taste It. But I couldn’t smell it,” says Roark. “I had no idea what it smelled like to ski well.“ Looking for the perfect scent to fill that gap, every fragrance either dissipated within an hour or gave her a headache. And so, drawing on her background as a chemical engineer and conjuring her powerful imagination to define the smell of success, she created her first fragrance using pure essential oils. “As I headed down the moguls, wearing my Confidence blend, I knew I needed to turn my new hobby into a business,” says Roark. After competing again in the 2010 Olympics, Roark retired from skiing to launch Phia.

Based on proprietary research, Phia Lab has developed an Energy Spectrum that classifies essential oils into five categories that we call energy bouquets. The energy is measured by the content of essential oils in an innovative way to determine its position in the spectrum. The purpose of the bouquet is to properly align the energy content of Phia products to deliver greater benefits to you. Phia products are available in three energy bouquets today, except Pure Energy which can be purchased in all bouquets.

Phia believes natural energies impact the way we feel, the way we think and how we live. We harness energies created by sun, soil and water found in fields, forests and oceans from the far corners of the world and combine them using the natural laws of physics and mathematics.

Michelle shared with that as a Coloradan who loves the outdoors, she’s sensitive to the elements and the havoc they play on her hair and skin. In creating this serum, she focused solely on the hair, wanting to develop a product that would make hair look and feel silky while protecting it from UV and heat damage. The serum is loaded with moisturizing ingredients like avocado, grape seed, argan and jojoba oils plus vitamin E.

Bering’s is excited to have recently expanded Michelle’s Phia product line, which also happens to include a customer favorite – Wellness Tea & Tea Diffuser. The Tea diffuser is a customer favorite for many reasons, mostly due to its aptly named ‘Wellness on the Go’ functionality. While it is meant for sipping, it is a must to keep in your daily rotation.

Even more to celebrate, Michelle will be visiting us at both Bering’s Houston locations on December 8 & 9.

Here are the details:

Phia Whole Body Founder, Michelle Roark Event at Bering’s

When: Saturday, December 8, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Where: Bering’s on 6102 Westheimer


When: Sunday, December 9, noon – 4 p.m.
Where: Bering’s on 3900 Bissonnet

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