Waterford’s New Rebel at Bering’s

rebellogoStay young and rebel is the tagline for Waterford Crystal’s contemporary new line, Rebel, designed by Jo Sampson. The line was first presented to us at Bering’s when Augie Bering V, Bering’s President, his wife Mia Bering and Lesley Sullivan, Bering’s gift shop and home buyer visited Waterford, Ireland and actually met Waterford Rebel’s designer, Jo Sampson. The Bering’s crew was instantly impressed with the modern twist to the ever classic appeal of Waterford and everyone clicked right away with Jo and the rest of the Waterford team – adding to the fun of launching it at Bering’s!

Mia Bering, Jo Sampson, Lesley Sullivan and Augie Bering V

As a fellow long-standing company, we appreciate and are big fans of Waterford’s new line and love the progressive appeal it offers. Waterford Crystal continues to be a top wedding registry selection for Bering’s brides and grooms which made bringing the line to our gift shop a must!


In a brainstorming session surrounding launching the new line, we were all thrilled to collaborate with former Bering’s Bride, Lyndsey Zorich of L. Avenue Blog. She imbues the elegant edgy look evoked by Waterford Rebel and we are sure you will agree after scrolling down below at some images taken for the campaign by photographer, Traci Ling:


If you are curious as to where to purchase your own Waterford Rebel pieces, then please click on the image or the link below.

Waterford Rebel at Bering’s: http://www.berings.com/Search.aspx?&k=rebel

waterford-rebel-decanters-set-of-3-trayBe sure to enter our Rebelling In Style Sweepstakes with Waterford, Lyndsey and Paper City Magazine by clicking here: http://woobox.com/9uypdp to be eligible to win Waterford Rebel’s Ella B Cuff and Drop Earrings!


Last but not least, watch this video with Jo Sampson sharing details about the line!

Stay young and Rebel!


*Photo credit to Traci Ling Photography featuring Lyndsey Zorich of L. Avenue Blog

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