Ben’s Paper Party Essentials

It might be January, but just because the holidays are over it doesn’t mean there is a moratorium on parties!! (You can ask anyone with a January birthday and they will probably concur.) The New Year is a wonderful time to wipe your slate clean and to start anew. This holds true to so many aspects of your life from organizing, to working out, to leading a more balanced life, etc., etc.! We believe leading a more balanced life includes spending time with friends and family. What better way to spend time with friends and family than by having a little shindig, aka PARTY!

Party Planning with Berings

While we certainly have you covered on all things tabletop from casual to tres chic, we will be focusing on the papyrus side of partying… Yep, you can’t go wrong with the right paper! Ben Whitley, Bering’s very own stationer extraordinaire, has offered to help us with some helpful tips for your next event. Don’t worry, when we say, “event” we mean a party of 2 – 2,000! (…Well maybe not that many, but you get the point.)

To get started, let’s get one thing straight – stationery is always in style and is the best accessory for anything in life. It all begins and ends with stationery. …Not following? Hmmm, your birth certificate is on paper – okay glad we are on the same page now!

The truth is we completely understand that not everyone has the desire, time or budget to make invitations, paper goods, etc. a priority. Quite frankly we also understand that it is sometimes easiest to simply forgo decorative paper goods from your event. Life is in perpetual motion and when things are racing so quickly, there are ways to help you to take it all in stride. Here are some helpful suggestions that Ben has to offer on always being prepared for anything that might come your way involving (pretty) paper, for life’s many reasons to celebrate, both big and small.

Ben’s essential list of party paper goods:

List pads: Jot down your grocery list, errand list and task list on a list pad with character. We have so many options to choose from!

list pads

A nice writing pen: Putting pen to paper is the only way to fully appreciate this one. A nice writing pen makes a world of difference when writing notes and thank you cards. The best part is that you only need one!

Writing Pen

Personalized letter sheets or correspondence cards: We literally have more options than you will ever need when it comes to personalized letter sheets!

letter sheetsCorrespondence cards are another excellent option for a quick note to anyone for any reason. They are also ideal for serving as a back-up when and if you ever run out of your personalized stationery cards.

correspondence cards

A personalized stamp: Place your order now and take a deep breath because you can relax after having one of these on hand! A stamp with your monogram transforms a plain piece of paper to a super cute piece of stationery. You might also opt for purchasing an address stamp. Once again, it is a onetime order and you are set! Envelopes never looked so good!!


Monogrammed guest towels: Your guest(s) are sure to appreciate the extra touch with your eye for detail by having a few monogrammed guest towels or cocktail napkins for them to use. Not only is the initial personable, but the napkins and guest towels are luxurious to the touch.

guest towels

Blank place cards: Place cards aren’t just for formal sit down dinners! Blank place cards are seriously cute for placing next to entrees and sides on a buffet table or next to favors or any item that could use a call out as to what is in the dish or pitcher! It is a small touch, but one that adds a creative twist!

place cardsPersonalized Styrofoam cups: From drinking ice tea in the front yard to having the girls over for bunko night – personalized styro is a must!! Place your order and you’ll be set for months! The added perk to Styrofoam is that you won’t have to be on edge about your guests leaving a ring on your furniture from condensation on their cup!

Print Appeal custom foam cups available at Bering's Hardware

Ben’s list of paper party essentials to keep your house stocked with will help you enjoy life’s unexpected guests even more! Remember that life is all about balance and while it might run at 90 miles an hour 90% of the time, having these party staples on-hand will help to set you at ease by being prepared. …Thanks, Ben! A thank you card is on its way.



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