Bering’s Bridal Feature – Jacqueline Tabbah & Jack P. Turano III

Jacqueline Tabbah & Jack P. Turano III

One of our nation’s worst natural disasters is what brought these two Houstonians together! There is always a silver lining, and for Jacqueline and Jack, it was life changing. While the two met briefly in high school, a forced evacuation, due to Hurricane Katrina, from Loyola University, in New Orleans, brought Jacqueline back home to Houston for the semester. It was during that time that she was reintroduced to her now fiancé, Jack.

After a period of dating, the two were strolling around Jackson Square in New Orleans. When they arrived at the fountain in front of St. Louis Cathedral, Jack got on one knee and proposed. Suddenly, a jazz band appeared and started playing. Then cheers and screams emerged in the background. When Jacqueline turned around both of their families and friends were running towards them! The jazz band started walking to the French Quarter and Jacqueline soon realized Jack had organized a second-line parade with the band, their families and friends were escorted with a parade through the Quarter, (with a police escort) all the way to Antoine’s Restaurant. …Aww, so very sweet and romantic- nice job Jack!!!

…Wait for it, wait for it…! The two are set to be married April 15, 2012!! It sounds absolutely amazing too. Jacqueline and Jack have chosen Naples, Florida for their destination wedding. Their ceremony will take place on the beach with the reception to follow at The Ritz-Carlton.  With a wedding color palette of white, light blues and light pinks- it is sure to be absolutely divine!

When Jacqueline was asked why she registered at Bering’s, her answer was too kind! She said, “Registering at Bering’s Hardware was a no brainer for me! I’ve grown up with Bering’s: my family business, International Stoneworks, Inc. is a vendor at Bering’s. Even as a little girl, my father, Rawi Tabbah, would take me on the weekends to check on our stone restoration products and I would sneak off and see the famed Bering’s parrot! Bering’s has everything from fine china to cooling racks, so I always knew I would register at Bering’s for my wedding. “…Thanks Jacqueline, we couldn’t have said it better! (And by the way, we are big International Stoneworks’ fans too!)

It GETS EVEN BETTER. Jacqueline and Jack have also decided to do their wedding invitations at Bering’s! Jacqueline said, “Bering’s generously offers 20% off invitations as long as you register there as well. I really love the Vera Wang wedding invitation collection. I’ve picked out these gorgeous light blue ones that go with my destination beach wedding theme.” She also plans on incorporating the same color theme into their thank you cards, as well as their post-wedding announcements they plan on sending to friends that they were unable to invite to their wedding.

Are you dying to hear and see what the cute couple has selected for their registry?! I know I am. …It is always both special and exciting when brides select family patterns, and this is the case for Jacqueline. She said, “I am fortunate that my grandmother let me have her fine china and silverware. However, since she only has silverware for 8 settings, I am going to Bering’s to try to match them, so I can have enough for 12 settings.”

Silver Serveware: Reed & Barton Oval Gallery Tray

“Jac” and Jack have decided to opt for a beautiful more casual china service. While the two have somewhat different tastes, both agreed on the classic Castelo Branco. Both liked the blue and white patterns with “pops” of yellow.

China Setting: Castelo Branco

These two are absolutely delightful and are exemplary Bering’s customers as well as vendor(s)! Bering’s is honored the two decided to register with us, thanks you two! Jacqueline also wanted to mention that as a Bering’s vendor, she is at Bering’s quite often checking on International Stoneworks products. She added, “I enjoy talking to the Bering’s employees to see how we can improve and meet the Bering’s customers’ standards. I registered at the Westheimer location, and when I told Trudy and Angela I was registering, they were full of advice and really pointed me in the right direction!”  …That is good to hear! 🙂

In closing, everyone at Bering’s wishes this lovely couple nothing but wedded bliss and blessings to come. Have a beautiful wedding and enjoy your amazing Disney World and Hawaii honeymoon!

To view Jacqueline and Jack’s full registry, please click here:

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