Bering’s Bridal Feature- Katelin McRae & Adam Pollock

Ms. Katelin McRae and Mr. Adam Pollock

With an estimated 7 billion people in the world, the odds of finding your true love make actually finding YOUR TRUE LOVE even that much more amazing. Certainly, hanging around in the same circles, and having mutual friends, who are brother and sister, are bound to up the odds of meeting- just a little! That was the case for Katelin and Adam. The couple commented that, “We both had an eye on each other for some time, though it took a while before we were both single at the same time. But, once we started dating, we certainly wondered what took us so long!” …And isn’t that the amazing part- recognizing what is right in front of you and realizing you’ve found your love?!

Once the couple started dating, there was no question they had found forever. And oh my goodness, the couple have such an incredible engagement story! (I looked up the word ‘romantic’ in the dictionary and saw their proposal!) …Katelin and Adam were engaged in Sonoma, California over a long weekend in the wine country.  (Katelin admitted to suspecting the proposal that weekend, but wasn’t sure when it would happen!)

…You might be thinking Adam proposed to Katelin over an amazing glass of wine with a rolling vineyard set as the backdrop. Um, hello- that would have been a little obvious the question was about to be popped! Plus, Katelin told me that she gets very self-conscious when she is the center of attention, so Adam talked her into going on a hike with him the first morning of their trip.

With beautiful weather outside, the couple had the whole park to themselves.  On a bluff overlooking the ocean, Adam proposed and she said YES!  And as you can see below, Adam even managed to get a picture of the actual proposal, which the couple used for their save the date cards.  This should go without saying, but with a kick-off to a long weekend like that; of course the couple spent the rest of the weekend celebrating!!! …Bubbly anyone?! Cheers!!!

These Houstonians are headed to the alter June, 23, 2012, at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in downtown Houston! The couple happen to be fortunate enough to have Reverend William Petron, a longtime family friend of the Pollocks who have known Adam for most of his life, to officiate their ceremony.

Their wedding should be simply amazing with the reception to follow at The Parador, and wedding colors of navy blue, shades of white and purple accents- LOVELY! (Just a little tidbit, Adam actually grew up a few blocks from where Katelin’s father grew up. This might seem like small beans, but given that Houston is the third largest city in America- I would say you can chalk that up to “very cool”!)

If you are familiar with Bering’s bridal blogs, then you know we always ask why the couple decided to register at Bering’s. It should be of no surprise we asked this glowing couple as well! Katelin said, “We like Bering’s range of gifts and the convenience of being able to purchase them online. Our friends and family members attending from out of town will definitely appreciate that. We also love that Bering’s always has a coupon available, which we hope will help our guests out a little too.” That is very thoughtful of the couple! …And speaking of “thoughtful”- Katelin plans on thanking her guests on beautiful stationery from Bering’s!

Now you’ve heard “The rest of the story!” lets dish about their dishes!!! The duo prefers traditional designs that are classic and neutral, so it makes perfect sense that they picked out timeless formal dinnerware of Mottahedeh Turquoise Lace Charger Plate, paired with the classic gorgeous Herend Princess Victoria Light Blue Dinner, salad and bread plates. Mixing and matching is such a great way to infuse your personal style!

Mottahedeh Turquoise Lace Charger Plate:

Herend Princess Victoria Light Blue:

And don’t you love the classic serving pieces they selected?!

Vietri Incanto Baroque Small Cake Stand

Juliska Berry and Thread Footed Compote

I don’t know what is more beautiful, their formal china or their casual china! The couple opted for Juliska’s Jardins for their everyday china, and are placing it with the also machine washable Juliska Pewter Stoneware charger.

We can’t forget to mention the absolutely sparkling crystal that Katelin and Adam selected!


William Yeoward Olympia Red Wine Glass

In closing, this amazing couple wanted me to include that they are extremely appreciative of all of their friends and family who have supported them throughout their relationship and who so willingly and generously continue to be a source of joy and great comfort to them.

To view Katelin & Adam’s wedding registry online click on the link below.

Katelin and Adam are such a lovely couple! Everyone at Bering’s wishes the couple a warm congratulations and an amazing life together!

Until the next Bering’s BRIDAL Buzz!

Wedding fun,


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