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Bering’s Bridal Feature – Stephanie & Mark

Bering’s Bride & Groom – Stephanie Briggs & Mark Donaho

On a recent trip to take pictures of Bering’s merchandise for our social media sites, I spotted a couple I had to interview. Stephanie and Mark immediately caught my attention. They were looking at items in the Gift Shop, and were absolutely glowing. It took all of 30 seconds for me to walk up and ask if they would be up for doing a wedding feature for this blog. …Luckily they agreed, and now I have the pleasure of sharing their story with you.

Stephanie and Mark

Stephanie and Mark are both native Houstonians, but in a city of over two million people, cupid certainly had his work cut out for him in connecting the pair. Stephanie and Mark’s paths crossed when introduced by a mutual friend. The two were initially in what Stephanie refers to as the “friendship zone” for about a year. Thankfully, an inspired move on Mark’s part to invite Stephanie to see Our Town at the Alley Theater in Houston changed the course of the relationship. The two hit it off, and moved right through the “friendship zone,” into the “dating zone”.

As the two headed off to vacation in Italy, Stephanie had her heart set on a surprise engagement. I mean hello?! Italy is the definition of romantic. And you know what they say, “When in Rome!” Well, the proposal did not happen in Italy. However, it was after that trip that Mark put the wheels in motion to have a special custom ring designed for his future bride.

Mark called Eve’s Jewelry to design a ring with 26 diamonds, to symbolize the special day he planned on proposing. The 26 diamonds were symbolic for Stephanie’s 30th birthday, which just happened to be on December 26th. It seriously worked in her favor to be born later in the month! 🙂 Dinner reservations had been made, and the ring was polished and ready to accompany the question of a lifetime… until Mark’s plans were derailed when Stephanie was obligated to attend a work commitment on her birthday, which would cause her to be out of town. …Can’t a guy get a break?! Sigh for poor Mark, but LUCKY Stephanie. Due to the reschedule, Mark decided to add four more diamonds to Stephanie’s engagement ring, since he would now be proposing on December 30th, just four days after Stephanie’s 30th Birthday. (Good thing they didn’t reschedule the date till the first!)

The big “Will you marry me?” finally came, with a an even bigger “Yes!” The two will be married on August, 6th, at St. Luke’s Methodist Church. Their reception will immediately follow at the Briar Club… Fun!

While we all know the ring is an added plus to the big rush of a proposal. You might be wondering how you can keep the momentum of such a heartfelt proposal and beautiful wedding ring. Well, my friends, I can tell you that a beautiful table with pretty adornments is the perfect chaser. So let’s dish about the couple’s amazing Bering’s wedding registry. We should first note that Stephanie said it best with, “Mark and I looked at other retailers to do additional wedding registries, but decided it was best to only register at Bering’s, because Bering’s has it all.” I told her that should be the Bering’s wedding registry tagline… Talk about a million dollar sound bite!

Stephanie and Mark started their wedding registry off with Bering’s Bridal Specialist, Adams McHenry. The two could not have selected a more regal place setting. They went with Pickard’s White Signature Burgundy with the Katrina accent plate. The setting is grounded with a golden charger, by Nancy Calhoun Designs, working its way up to a visual display of divine luxury with the burgundy dinner plate and same color palette for the salad plate- only a different pattern to really set it off. This one setting looks so luscious; imagine what a complete tabletop will look like!

Pickard Formal Place Setting

The setting is nestled between equally opulent silver. It was important for Stephanie to select Wallace’s Grand Baroque, as it is a family pattern of hers. The women in her family have some serious style with a pattern like this!

Wallace Grande Baroque

The couple chose Waterford’s Lismore Nouveau crystal for their wine, water, and champagne glasses. The weight of Waterford, paired with the fine tailoring makes it an easy pick. Based on the picture below, I think the new accessory for summer should be Waterford Crystal. Talk about some serious hand candy.

Lismore Nouveau Goblet

Lismore Nouveau Goblet

It should be no surprise that the two selected Italian made Vietri for their every day place setting. This pattern adds just the right amount of color and charm to any kitchen. The name of the pattern is Sara’s Vista. Check it out:

Sara's Vista - Vietri

Moving on, it only makes sense to include some All-Clad cookware. As beautiful as the plate settings are, no dinner guest wants to stare at an empty plate! This cookware is sure to serve up some tasty meals from casual to formal and everything in between.

Bering's Registry

Mark stopped to look at the Big Green Egg grill, before heading over with Stephanie to pick out some wedding stationery. Bering’s Lawn & Garden Specialist, Stephen Melton, assisted the couple with all of the grill’s features. …While the Big Green Egg has not made it to the couple’s registry yet, I have a pretty good feeling there will be one in the couple’s backyard at some point in the future.

The Big Green Egg

The last stop was none other than Bering’s Stationery, where Stationer Paul assisted the couple with their save-the-date, “thank you” cards and wedding book needs. I personally love the Simple Elegance wedding book Stephanie selected. Classic is always in style!

Bering's Stationery

Bering's Wedding Book

To view Stephanie and Mark’s wedding registry, please click here:

Adams, Stephen, Paul and I all had a great time getting to know this dynamic couple. If the symbolic “30” themed engagement ring is an indicator of the next 30+ years the two will spend together, I think it is safe to say they have one sparkling future ahead of them! …Congrats you two!

Until the next Bering’s Bridal Buzz!!

Wedding fun,


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