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Oh, Baby!

Sherridan and Blake Rowe

First comes love; then comes marriage; then comes baby Rowe! Sherridan and Blake Rowe could not be happier about the impending arrival of their bundle of joy.  Fully embracing the next chapter of their lives as a couple, Sherridan and Blake didn’t hesitate in enlisting the help of Bering’s staff in preparing for baby.  Having the opportunity to help this couple a second time, as they were also bridal registry clients, is a treat! We certainly love seeing our old friends, especially when we get to be a part of such momentous events!

Before we get to the details of Sherridan and Blake’s baby registry adventure, let’s recap their story.  The two met through their best friends. Get this- their best friends just happened to be brother and sister. So, it only made sense to the siblings to introduce their best friends to one another. As we all know, love is on its own timeline, so it took ten years for Sherridan and Blake to officially begin dating. Thankfully, though, when you know, you know, and a short eight months after their first official date, Blake asked Sherridan to marry him. The two were married in Houston, TX at First Presbyterian, by Sherridan’s childhood pastor David McKechnie. Their wedding was topped off with an amazing reception at the Houston Country Club.

As the two settled into their new lives together, usually over-energized Sherridan began getting extremely drowsy and low energy. This went on for some time before Blake leaned over to Sherridan and said, “You are pregnant.” Sherridan jumped back with, “You are crazy! Why do you think I am pregnant?” It was obvious to Blake that his bride was not her peppy, bubbly self.

One trip to CVS, followed by a prompt visit to Sherridan’s doctor- it was confirmed! Not only was Sherridan pregnant, but the doctor asked them if they wanted to hear the heartbeat. The two are due to have a baby boy on August 10th, the same day as Sherridan’s mother’s Birthday. Talk about a Birthday present!

Deciding to register at Bering’s for the couple’s baby registry was a natural next step, as previously mentioned- the two registered at Bering’s for their wedding. Sherridan and her mother, Ms. Penny Nelly, met with Bering’s Baby Specialist Tia Johnson. Tia assisted them with finding the perfect baby toys, blankets, clothes and accessories.

Sherridan and Mother Ms. Nelly Penny


Not only did Sherridan pick out items from Bering’s Baby Department, she also ordered the baby book and plans on ordering her birth announcements, too. Isn’t her baby book precious?! She and Blake are sure to capture all of the magical memories of baby Rowe’s young life in their Simple Elegance book.

Simple Elegance Baby Book

Stationer Susan Kaplan

To view Sherridan and Blake’s baby registry, please click here:

Congrats to Sherridan and Blake! Bering’s wishes you two (soon to be three) nothing but the best!!!

Until the next Bering’s Home visit!


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