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Bering’s Bride & Groom – Tina Fields & Jesse Campos

Bering's Bride and Groom

With all that goes into a wedding, it is easy to overlook the importance of wedding invitations. However, the invitation is one of the most essential parts of planning a wedding. Many hold the invitation as the foundation of the planning because it sets the tone of what guests are to expect on the wedding day, while at the same time helping them prepare for the event. As an invited guest, receiving a well thought-out invitation in the mail should make you ready for the wedding to arrive!

The way we present ourselves in verbal and written form can be very powerful and impactful. Subtleties like ‘what is in a name?’ are especially notable when making a formal
announcement to family, friends and loved ones. This acknowledgement and appreciation for holding something important enough to care how it comes across, is how I met Ms. Tina Fields and Mr. Jesse Campos.

While Tina and Jesse’s initial visit to the Bering’s Stationery Department might have seemed somewhat cut and dry when walking through the door, the newly engaged love birds would leave with a rich appreciation for the etiquette of ‘the invitation’. After all, wedding invitations are the first impression, and to some the most important.

Tina and Jesse will be married on November 19, at the beautiful Heights Villa here in Houston! The two were right on time in ordering their wedding invitations, and were welcomed by the Bering’s stationers.

Tina and Jesse met with Bering’s stationer, Leslie, to finalize their invitation details!

While I am not a stationer, I happened to be in the department when Tina came in to pick up her invitations. She was a glowing bride-to-be and opened up about what she had learned.  In fact, I asked the couple to do this blog because of her genuine excitement about the process. It was refreshing to hear what she had to share; especially in an age of online stationery fulfillment.

Bering’s stationers Mary and Leslie helped guide the couple through the history and formality of the wedding invitation. The pair had many concerns, as most couples do when selecting their wedding invitations. They were curious as to why it was necessary to do a double envelope, as well as the need to add a piece of tissue.

History of the wedding invitation: The double envelope according to The Emily
Post Institute….

Before the 20th century, the postal service wasn’t very reliable. In fact, it was nearly nonexistent in certain areas. The only guaranteed way to deliver a wedding invitation was by hand delivery, usually sent by a hired courier or servant of the family. Since many of these deliveries were by horseback, the envelope might not arrive in the cleanest condition. Thus, the double envelope was designed. Once the courier reached his destination, he handed the invitation to the butler or housemaid, who then removed the outer envelope and handed the inner envelop along with the invitation to the master or mistress of the house. This is why it is now considered traditional to use the complete, formal name and address of your invited guests on the outer envelope of a double envelope set (or on the outside of a single envelope).

As mentioned above, there was also a question as to why it was necessary to include a thin piece of tissue in the invitation.

Bering’s note: The tissue…

There is a fun piece of history behind the tissue insert. Metal plate engraving was
invented by the 1600s. Since the engraving would easily smudge, a small piece of paper was placed on top to prevent this. That custom was simply passed on to preserve the delicate printing of wedding invitations and continues to be commonly used today.

You might be asking why all of the above is important to fold into your wedding invitations. Tina’s quote sums up this question, “Etiquette and manners have no borders it is straight across the line, there are no borders at all, it is just manners and etiquette and it is good.” She then added, “Rather or not the people receiving our invitation know the etiquette doesn’t matter. The important part to us is that we know it was done right.”

Here is a sample of the invitations they selected… Absolutely classic!!:

Another special detail that Leslie and Mary were able to suggest to Tina and Jesse was to place a little cross by Tina’s recently deceased father’s name on the wedding invitation. The couple was not sure how to include her father with the recent passing, and with this added touch, Tina said, “My mother stood a little taller when she saw it.”

As far as why the pair decided to order their invitations from Bering’s, Tina’s sister made the suggestion. Tina mentioned that she was a bit nervous about the cost, but that it wasn’t as much as she thought it would be. She added, “It was affordable, and with all things it is a matter of prioritizing what is important.”

While in the Stationery Department, Tina showed Jesse their wedding album… Isn’t is gorgeous??!!

Now that you’ve read your fill of all things stationery, let’s dig into the juicy details about the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Campos!

Even though Tina and Jesse have known one another since high school, and graduated the same year, they took their time getting around to dating one another. This is partially attributable to the fact Jesse served our country in the U.S. military for the past twelve years. (Salute to Mr. Campos!) While Jesse was off serving, Tina was in the clouds- literally!! Tina is a Continental (and now United too) flight attendant, who flies internationally.

However, the two were destined to meet again.  Tina was placed as one of their high school reunion organizers. As a way to rally the troops for the reunion, Tina began searching on Facebook. This search is how the two reunited, and a wonderful friendship was formed. As friendly as the two had become, unfortunately Jesse missed the reunion! …I suppose after so many years, what is a few more months?! And to Jesse’s credit, he was called up to
go back overseas.

Nonetheless, the two continued talking. When Jesse finally returned to the great state of Texas, Tina invited him to her family birthday party. Talk about a FIRST date! Tina’s
entire family (extended too), and friends were there. Fortunately, family is equally important to Jesse and after their first date, the two were inseparable. In looking back at their first date Tina commented that it was like, “My best friend walked through the door.”

Months later the two had a slight “spat” and Jesse told Tina, “I bet you $10 you will marry me.” Tina laughed after Jesse shared this tidbit with me. She was not happy at the time and did not think his statement was funny at all!

It turns out Jesse won the bet. Upon rounding out their two year courtship, Jesse asked Tina’s mother for permission to wed her daughter. Not only did Tina’s mother say yes, but
Tina did as well! Oops, I cut to the chase without sharing the sugary sweet proposal details!

…Good things come to those who wait, so here goes the proposal fun.

Upon retiring from the U.S. military, Jesse took a job in Las Vegas, NV. Tina flew out to meet him for a little visit. The two decided to walk around and explore the Vegas strip. Little did Tina know when she suggested the two go to the Venetian, that Jesse
had already made arrangements to propose there. Aren’t coincidences fun?!

After making their way to the gondola ride, Jesse got down on one knee (in the gondola) and asked Tina to marry him! She was overjoyed and without missing a beat, said “YES!”

Here is a little fun trivia for you. This dynamic duo share the same last name- only in two
different languages. In Spanish campos means fields! Tina joked that she will always be Ms. Fields! 🙂

Talk about a fun filled wedding blog, there is still more! Hello, we still have the exciting registry to share!!… So without further ado, let’s dish.

The two kicked off their wedding registry with Bering’s Bridal Specialist, Terry. She set the two up with a scanning gun and then helped get the cute couple started with their many options!

Stemware Pattern: Waterford’s Lismore Essence is sure to add a huge sparkle to any tabletop, cocktail party or family get-together!

Sterling Flatware: The two selected a gorgeous 5 piece silver setting by Wallace. The pattern is Grande Baroque.  The setting is so ornate and lovely that they remind me of pieces of art!

Formal Place Setting: It was important to Tina to pay a subtle tribute to Jesse’s military service with Pickard’s Washington Dinner Plates. …It is such a regal setting!

Tina & Jesse wrapped up their bridal registry, with a stop or two to look at grilling and lawn and garden accessories.

To view Tina & Jesse’s wedding registry online click on the link below.

Tina & Jesse definitely complement one another! As glowing as Tina was when I first met her, being around Jesse only enhanced it.  Leslie, Mary, Terry and I had a great time with the two and look forward to hearing about even more family birthday parties and get-togethers to come!

Until the next Bering’s BRIDAL Buzz!

Wedding fun,


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