New Year’s Resolutions Made Easier!

A New Year & Hopefully the Best Yet

On our long list of ways we can improve ourselves for 2013, sometimes it is little things that add up to big changes! After all, Rome wasn’t built in one day so cut yourself a little slack and enjoy your resolution(s). We’ve compiled some of our tried and true products that we feel will bring you closer to those resolutions while at the same time help you to stop and smell the roses a bit more in your fast paced lives. Enjoy!

Vitamix Professional Series 500The first product on our list might not come as a surprise, but when you consider all of its functions – you might actually be surprised by how many it has. …We are talking about the oh-so-amazing Vitamix! From juicing to smoothies to soup & more – yes, hot or cold the Vitamix does it all. With our life in the fast-lane lives, this blender helps to provide you and your family with the vital nutrients you need and might not otherwise incorporate into your diet. An added plus is each one comes with a little cookbook with delicious and easy recipes!

We’ve mentioned the next product a time or two – well maybe three, but who is counting?! It is a bad word for some as it can cause a bit of anxiety for those who aren’t so “buttoned-up” – ORGANIZATION! Whew, might we suggest our pick to help your life in this area? The myAgenda and momAgenda are pretty amazing for those of us who might excel at all the other areas of life but find keeping track of schedule(s) to be a bit more of a to-do than we’d prefer.

momAgenda / myAgenda

HerendThe next item may or may not be on your “short-list” of what you consider “necessary” to have a more productive New Year; however, perhaps it should be! Regardless if you have a nice china set or a few plates you really love – why not work on completing your set to make 10 or 12? Not only will it be a fun collection and make for a beautiful tabletop to have when hosting, but you might just be more compelled to invite friends and family over even more! And don’t worry a new setting doesn’t have to break-the-bank!  We have so many setting options for all budgets. From Juliska to Herend and Bernardaud, we encourage you to visit one of our gift shop specialists to help make your hosting a bit more exciting!

Bernardaud Juliska

Our next item is what many will consider a splurge, still many think of it as an investment. Yeti Coolers…Oh how we love Yeti Coolers! Their tagline ‘Wildly Stronger to Keep Cool Longer’ is more than accurate. From carpools, to sporting games, to camping and fishing to backyard shindigs – you might consider making the switch to Yeti! If you are asking how this one fits into the New Year’s resolution theme, you really need to try one of these out to fully understand! These gems of coolers are sure to take the edge off of everything to do with keeping cool – even your temperament under stress with a car full of kiddos or little league games! Trust us on this one!!

At the risk of being a broken record, we have to mention a meal prepared at home on a grill or smoker! The perks and pluses are too many to count. The time with your family is magical in itself, and then when you consider the health benefits of grilling or smoking – we are pretty sure you get the picture! Come visit us and check out our broad range of grills and Big Green Egg smokers!

grill or smoker

Last but certainly not least, do yourself a favor and make cleaning a bit easier with a one-stop-shop for the best cleaning products around. We carry most everything for your cleaning needs! From Grandma’s Spot Remover to International Stoneworks premium cleaning products, check it all out!

Grandma’s Spot Remover

Happy New Year!!

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