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An aspiring artist finds success in the field they are truly passionate about! This is undoubtedly the American dream. It also happens to be the story of Annieglass. Annie Morhauser is the creative genius and founder of Annieglass. The American born company was founded in 1983 and has all but revolutionized fine dining with its handmade functional elegance and craftsmanship.

We carry many truly spectacular brands at Bering’s Hardware. However, we all have our favorites – and well, let’s just say a personal favorite of many of our customers is Annieglass. The beauty of Annieglass is hard to put into words, but as beautiful and unique as each piece is, it is equally durable! Fine china and serve ware is not typically synonymous with dishwasher safe, but Annieglass is (when used with a mild detergent)! If the easy to clean aspect (which in turn means more likely to actually be used) doesn’t win you over – then please read on and discover a thing or two about American made Annieglass.

Here are some gorgeous pictures of some of the pieces by Annieglass:

 Annieglass Roman Antique Gold & Platinum line at

Featured above are serving pieces from Annie’s Roman Antique Gold & Platinum line. …A little tidbit – Annie’s first piece she took to market to try and sell to buyers was Roman Antique Gold, and it is stronger than ever!

Annieglass gold ruffle collection Annieglass gold ruffle collection











Hello, “Beautiful!” What is not to love about Annie’s gold ruffle collection! It almost gives the appearance of dancing on the table. Annie says it best, “Dining should be a feast for the eye as well as the stomach.” Annie, we agree and are sure table settings like this accomplish a feast for everyone’s eyes!

While it is lovely to pair Annieglass with white, a little color is always nice! And if you are a Bering’s Blog reader, then you know how much we love to mix-and-match! We love mixing Herend’s Chinese Bouquet Green with the Annieglass Ruffle Charger.  …While this post is about Annie Glass, we have to mention the lovely Baccarat Arcade wine glass, Reed & Barton high ball glass and Gorham’s Chantilly silverware!


Annieglass with Gorham and Reed & Barton


Now we’ve shared some truly beautiful images of Annieglass pieces, let’s dish on the beauty of how low-maintenance they are!

How to care for Annieglass:

Each piece is created over a mold and melted to the shape. This results in the precious metal and color fusing into the glass resulting in a tarnish free and chip free product!

  • As previously mentioned, every piece is dishwasher safe (with a mild detergent)
  • As durable as it is, do not use in the oven or microwave
  • It is best to dry it with a soft cloth

…Pretty “fuss free” care!

From its beauty to the individual brush strokes of each and every piece, it is all in the details! We hope you are encouraged to take another look at Annieglass the next time you visit us! Until then, happy entertaining!!!

-Bering’s Hardware

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