Staying Organized for the New Year

Although the holiday shopping season has just begun, it’s not too early to start thinking ahead to 2013. With busy lives that often include multi-job families, children’s school and social calendars, community events, and travel plans, it may sometime seem impossible to keep track of it all. Bering’s Stationery has plenty of ideas to help you get organized for the New Year.

Agendas and CalendarsAgendas and Calendars – The most obvious way to help juggle all of your holiday and New Year commitments is with a practical personal agenda or desk calendar.  A day planner by Mom Agenda or Graphic Image may best suit all of your scheduling needs. A Bering’s stationer can help you choose from our variety of brands and styles. Perhaps a stylish desk calendar by Karen Adams or an artistic wall calendar is more of what you need. We have those, too!

Address Books 1

Address Books – It can be very helpful to have all your important names, addresses and phone numbers is a single, convenient place OTHER than your smart phone. Stop in and pick up a useful address book to “back up” all of your data… no thumb drive necessary.

Journals and NotepadsJournals and Notepads– Keep all of those holiday shopping lists and New Year’s resolutions in order with an attractive, leather-bound or designer journal or even a fun and whimsical notepad. Aside from the practical use of lists and reminders, a journal is also a therapeutic way to vent about all of those holiday (and family) stresses!

Photo Albums and ScrapbooksPhoto Albums and Scrapbooks – 2013 is the year to tackle that photo project you’re forever putting off. How about your kids’ school photos and artwork or all the keepsakes and pictures from that vacation four years ago? Why not use those extras days off from work during the holidays to get the whole family involved in an exciting photo album or scrapbook project? Bering’s Stationery has many keepsake albums in several sizes and styles.

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