The Official Children’s Picture Wardrobe Checklist

Ralph Lauren Clothing at Bering'sThe children are back in school and things are slowly becoming routine again after the Summer Break. While the routine might be falling into place, all of the little extras like knowing what to wear for school and holiday pictures can be stressful! Take a deep breath and a little comfort in knowing we have your wardrobe questions covered for all of your upcoming photo-shoot needs.

Ralph Lauren Girls Clothing at Bering'sWe’ve enlisted the expert advice of our Bering’s Children’s Department store buyer, Martha Hinojosa, to share the 411 on preparing your children for picture day. You might be surprised at some of her tips, and will definitely want to print and or save this blog post for future use. After all, this is The Official Children’s Picture Wardrobe Checklist!

Mim-Pi Girl's Clothing at Bering'sThe Official Children’s Picture Wardrobe Checklist:

1. Decide on a color that looks good on your little one. Finalizing a color scheme early on is even more important when more than one child or a family picture is on the agenda!

Mim-Pi Clothing at Bering's2. While there are certainly exceptions to the rule, generally speaking solids, classic stripes or minimal patterns photo the best. If you are worried a solid color sweater is too drab, then consider adding a little color or fun pattern with an undershirt such as a button down.

Polo Raph Lauren Children's Clothing at Bering's3. For full length shots, a fun way to add color is with tights and or pants. It is a bit unconventional, but can add a little whimsy depending on the age of your children.

Mim-Pi Girls Clothing at Bering's4. Bows and accessories are also nice options for incorporating or bringing out the added color that might be part of their outfit that you want to play up. This is easiest for girls with hair bows!

Malley & Co. at Bering's5. If the outfit calls for layers, then be sure to send your kids to school with the minimum amount of layers to prevent overheating, and see if their teacher can assist (if they are younger) with buttoning a sweater or jacket just before picture time.

Mayoral Clothes at Bering's6. To wrap this list up, comfort reigns when it comes to a genuine smile! As important as the shot might be, children are not going to have a genuine smile if they are uncomfortable! While we can handle less than comfortable clothing and shoes as adults, try to find something you love that will be comfortable for your little one(s). If your children aren’t comfortable you might end up with a shot like this! (Scary cute!)

Mayoral Boys Clothes at Bering's


Say cheese!


Bering’s Baby & Children’s Department Buyer

Featured images: Ralph Lauren, Mayoral, Mim-Pi, Malley & Co.

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