Why LED?

Growing up our house and automobiles were never short of flashlights! Odds are you have at least two of your own. They also happen to make great gifts for the hard to buy for friend or family member.

From your child’s cartoon character flashlight to the spotlight your husband takes fishing or camping, what difference does it make if they are LED or not (LED – light emitting diode)? Even if you don’t think about flashlights, or understand what the buzz about LED is all about, then we think you’ll find this little blog post about flashlights very informative and helpful!

“Safety first” is a phrase that we are all familiar with, and keeping a well lit area is definitely conducive to ensuring your path is lit. In addition to having accessible light at all times, flashlights can be so helpful for even the smallest of needs – like dropping something small on the ground. If you know where your flashlights are, then kudos to you! After all, flashlights don’t do a lot of good if you don’t have them when you need them.

Maglite Thief

Regardless if you do or you don’t know where your flashlights are, when you need one it is a big disappointment to realize the battery is dead or dying. This reason alone is a key factor as to why you should consider LED. In addition to the longer battery lives LED lights provide, the light source is far brighter and crisper.

Why LED?

We will use a simple keychain LED light as an example of why we are fans:

  1. Most keychain flashlights are powered by a single AAA battery and in high mode produce 138 Lumens. When compared to a classic/traditional incandescent bulb flashlight (that most everyone grew up with), the 3D-Cell battery model only puts out about 76.8 Lumens. Even if you aren’t familiar with “Lumens” you can do the math and see that LED produces about double the light.
  2. Brightness aside, battery life is the kicker! The average LED keychain with a AAA battery will last up to 55 hours, while your average 3D-Cell incandescent bulb flashlight will last about 2 hours.

Now you know about the value LED flashlights provide, be sure to have a flashlight handy!

Here are some of our top LED picks:

NEBO Redline Tactical LED Flashlight

NEBO Redline Tactical LED FlashlightMaglite 2 AA LED Flashlight

Maglite 2 AA Flashlight

Maglite Solitaire Keychain Flashlight

Maglite LED


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