Unlikely Fine China Couplings

After doing a quick Google search for mixing and matching fine china patterns you might say the query isn’t exactly inspiring. While the search does produce some results, it seems there is more that can be added! Throughout the history of this blog, we’ve sung the praises of mixing-and-matching your fine china. Fine china might be thought of as “proper” and even a bit “stuffy” but that doesn’t mean either of these adjectives have to be the end result once placed on your own dining table for friends and family.

After all, how is a person to decide or pick one pretty pattern, when there are so many wonderful options?! With all of that said, we are in no way saying sticking to a place setting with all one pattern is a bad option – not at all! In fact, a complete 5-piece place setting is an excellent foundation if that is where you currently are in the fine china world. Having an entire setting is as timeless as fine china itself. We simply feel that should you not have an entire set already, or perhaps you do but are bored with it – mixing it with other patterns is wonderful! Whatever the scenario might be, hopefully you’ll get a zip of inspiration from this blog post and pull out your china lovelies and treat your friends and / or family to a special meal!

So let’s get started with an oh-so elegant place setting by Bernardaud, Arte Italica, Baccarat, and Sferra. Can you guess which piece is by each manufacturer? The bread as well as the salad plate is by Bernardaud and the pattern is Capucine. The dinner plate is Bernardaud as well, and the pattern is Elysee. The amazingly gorgeous charger is by Arte Italica and the pattern is Vietro Gold. And just when you can’t possibly achieve a finer place setting, the setting is framed out with exquisite wine glasses by Baccarat! The pattern is Arcade – lovely!!! Last but not least, you will notice a common thread among all of these images, and that is the placemat! Don’t you just love the classic appeal of Sferra’s hemstitch placemats???!!!

Arte Italica, Bernardaud, Baccarat
Let’s all take a moment to stare at the beauty below. (Pause) …Okay! Yes, we thought you’d need to catch your breath. No other pattern says, “Classic” quite as well as Mattahedeh’s Tobacco Leaf pattern. Since the pattern is so lively and vibrant, we opted to only pull the teacup and saucer and the salad plate to serve as the focal pieces. The dinner plate is equally as lovely and it is by Mottahedeh as well, the pattern is Golden Solitude. We stand by our position on bone china – white is always done right! Pair it with any pattern and you have a setting that is sure to dazzle! Grounding out the place setting is the opulent Gold Lace service plate, again by Mottahedeh. Now if you shift your eyes a bit to the right you are sure to fall in love at first sight with William Yeoward’s incredible handcrafted Elizabeth wine glasses!! You really have to hold these fine stems in your hand to truly take in all of the intricate etching – spectacular in every sense of the word!

Mottahedeh, Tobacco Leaf, William Yeoward
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Royal Crown Derby, you are in for a treat!!! Their Aves Gold pattern is beyond regal with its 22ct gold charm. You might even be tempted to eat less so that you don’t obstruct your view of the pattern! It pairs wonderfully with Herend’s Fish Scale Green Charger and Baccarat Massena wine glasses – divine!!

Herend, Fish Scale, Massena, Baccarat
We thought we’d display a softer more balanced option by placing Herend’s Golden Edged Salad plate on top of the Herend Fish Scale Green Charger an alternative. It is a bit more subtle, but just as rich and sophisticated!!

Herend, Fish Scale, Golen Edge
We save a special treat for the end! Every pattern Juliska makes flies off our shelves as it is a bridal registry favorite! Deciding on only one pattern of theirs was a bit hard, but we think you’ll agree that Juliska’s Country Estate pattern is as cozy as it is appetizingly beautiful!! We love so much about this dishwasher safe pattern. Yes, you heard us right – the pattern is dishwasher safe!! No wonder why so many new brides love this manufacturer!!! The pattern also lends itself to making lovely décor for hanging the plates on your wall. We could truly go on and on about this pattern, but we need to savor that delicately wonderful charger the dinner and salad plate is setting on – Annie Glass’ Platinum Ruffle Charger!! “Hello Beautiful” is really all we have to say about it. Well, actually – beauty is not all this charger offers, it too is dishwasher safe! Alas, we move to the side and admire those gorgeous Juliska Isabella Tulip patterned glasses. They are darling and look great for casual or formal settings.

Country Estate, Juliska, Annie Glass
If you still aren’t convinced that it is not only okay to mix-and-match your fine china, then perhaps you should take a stroll through either of Bering’s gift shops (or online – www.berings.com)! Infusing your personal style applies throughout life, and it certainly includes your tabletop!!

We wish you a beautiful tablescape with loads of personal touches with good friends and family.

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