Stain Removal Made Easy!

Stains… Who needs them? From the messiest among us to the little “oopsies” – stains are annoying! They are especially frustrating when you try so hard but cannot get them out! Lucky for us, Bering’s Hardware’s very own Mrs. Mary Burnett shared some tips, tricks and products that will definitely help take your anxiety level down the next time your little one drops a popsicle on their new dress or Fido decides the lawn is inside!

Mary began our meeting to discuss stain removal by sharing the basics. She said when you have nothing else on hand, be sure to always dab with lukewarm water first, then run warm water over the stain. This will at least buy you time to avoid it setting in until you can treat the stain with a remover.

For ink, nail polish, and even white-out stains you can’t go wrong with Mostenbocker’s Lift Off. This remover is meant for hard surfaces such as counter-tops, windows, walls, etc. We think you’ll be impressed at how much this cleaner takes care of!

Mostenbocker's Stain Removal

For blood, ink, rust, and well – just about anything on cotton, linen, upholstery or carpet you can’t go wrong with Incredible or Folex. Both of these tough acting formulas are great for combating stains.

Incredible Stain Removal


Folex Stain Removal

Our next cleaner is the only way to go when it comes to delicate items such as undergarments or gentle wash pieces. Forever New rinses completely from the fabric so that it does not leave behind residue to damage fibers. It is a must for the laundry room and you’ll be amazed at how long it lasts!!

Forever New

Fels-Naptha is another wonderful turn-to cleaning product. It is great for getting those underarm circles out of shirts and those pesky rings that form around the neck. After wetting the stain with water, rub Fels-Naptha onto the stained area. Let it sit for one minute and then wash according to the garments instructions. Yes, it is really that easy!!

Mostenbocker’s Lift Off three pack is great to pack on your trips or to give to that friend who travels for work or leisure. This little Stain Removal Kit has you covered from pet stains to oil and grease to ink and marker. You’d be surprised at how these little bottles pack so much punch in the cleaning department!!


Last but not least is Eco 88! For tough pet stains, this cleaner is a staff favorite. We love our pets, but not the stains they leave, so do yourself a favor and spray some Eco 88.

Eco 88



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